The January-February 2017 Issue

Triangle Gardener

Triangle Gardener

Of Stinky Plants & Resolutions
Seed Buying 101
To Garden is to Use Notes
Art in Bloom Brings Masterful Classes
Winter Berry Plants to Feed Local Birds
Evergreens for Screens and Hedges

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How to Grow Garlic

Everyone knows garlic lingers on your breath, but it’s so delicious we love it anyway! It’s...

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2017 Forecast

Dr. Steve McNulty of the USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub is back with the weather forecast...

The Basics

The Dirt on Worms

Worms are great for the soil, right? They aerate the soil with their tunneling, and digest and move...

The Great Garden Rip Out

It never ceases to amaze me that after I go on a wild planting spree in the spring, I seem to go on...


Backyard Birding