The September-October 2016 Issue

Triangle Gardener coverMums: Fall Beauties
Goldenrod: Fall's Golden Wands
Plants for Heavy Clay / Damp Soil
Great Greens: Veggies to Love
Growing Ancient Grains
Camellias: 5 Easy Ways to Grow
Every Plant Has a Story

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Bulbous Beauties

Fall is the time to be buying and planting spring, summer and fall flowering bulbs.

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War of the Voles

What gardener hasn’t warred with critters?  Dan Mason brings us a tale of murder, mayhem, and...

Bees in Town

Durham, North Carolina is a fast-growing area where there’s a thriving agriculture scene right in...

The Basics

Conifers for Shade

Nothing gives a landscape a sense of character quite like conifers. They provide a background for...