The May-June 2017 Issue

Triangle Gardener May-June coverIN THE CURRENT ISSUE:
Stories Our Plants Tell Us
Growing Coleus
New Way of Growing Tomatoes
Substitution Plants
Plants for Honey Bees
Native Groundcovers
Heirloom Vegetables for Beginners

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Fascinated by Foxglove

The foxglove, under such guises as lady’s fingers, dead men’s bellows, granny bonnets...

The Foodscape Revolution

“Garden to Table” is the best way to describe my passion for adding purpose to landscapes in...

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Planting for the Future

Planting in layers creates stable plant communities which are more resistant to weeding and...

The Basics

The Dirt on Worms

Worms are great for the soil, right? They aerate the soil with their tunneling, and digest and move...

The Great Garden Rip Out

It never ceases to amaze me that after I go on a wild planting spree in the spring, I seem to go on...


Backyard Birding