The January-February 2018 Issue

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Organizing the Garden
Managing Plant Disease in Winter
Easy Ways to Help Wildlife
Here's How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors
White Plants for the Winter Garden
Learning to Follow the Sun
How to Avoid Garden Injuries

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How to Grow Microgreens

Three years ago I attended a workshop with Will Allen, the former NBA basketball player turned...

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Avoid Garden Injuries

Gardeners are more likely to end up in the Emergency Room come spring. Fitness expert Jennifer...

Knot Gardens

Come along as we visit the beautiful garden knot garden that graces Agecroft Hall in Richmond, VA.

The Basics

Seed Buying 101

Seed buying is one of coziest chores of winter—sitting by the fire, flipping through seed...


Birding in Biloxi

In the 2011 movie “The Big Year” the characters played by Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen...

Backyard Birding