The May-June 2018 Issue

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Mysteries of the Monarch
Oakleaf Hydrangea
What's Bugging Your Lawn?
Deer Resistant Plants
Gardens in Winston-Salem
Exploring Penny's Bend
Plant Development

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Grow: Butterfly Weed

This North American native plant is a butterfly magnet with flowers that are a nectar source for...

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Creating New Hydrangeas

How do you choose a new plant? Bryce Lane of NC State joins our podcast with ideas for sustainable...

Garden Club Legacy

Garden Clubs touch our communities in ways you might not realize. In this episode we find out how...

The Basics

Hydrangea Pruning Tips

It can be confusing on how and when to prune hydrangeas. Here’s a cheat sheet to help guide you.

Seed Buying 101

Seed buying is one of coziest chores of winter—sitting by the fire, flipping through seed...


Backyard Birding