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3 Ways to Enhance Your Garden’s Lighting


Your garden may look stunning, but if all that hard work is getting buried underneath the night sky, you need to make a few changes.

Keeping your landscape visible and lit after sunset offers a new way to experience the garden you’ve created at any hour of the day. Lighting fixtures help bring out focal points and makes a profound difference in the overall appearance of your garden. When done correctly, you and your guests will be left speechless!

Keep reading for 3 ways to showcase your beautiful plants through lighting.

1. Use the Right Fixtures

Interior fixtures come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. They’re all unique and offer a different visual effect within each room. The same goes for exterior lighting. There isn’t a one type fits all solution, so you need to browse around. One fixture may emphasize a focal point while another will give depth to the overall aesthetic of your landscape design.

When shopping around, you’ll find everything from string lights to floodlights. The former offers a small glow which is very visually appealing while the latter better serves large backyards that require more coverage.

It’s important to research your options to find the best type of fixture for your lighting. For example, Bullet Lighting – LED Spot fixtures offer a simple way to enhance garden lighting, highlight specific areas, and increase security. They’re very versatile, making them great for any size garden.

2. Create Patterns and Repetition

Patterns and rhythm are essential to visuals. They create a sense of organization and intention which makes your efforts stand out.

Begin by deciding whether you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical garden. For example, in symmetrical gardens you’ll have the same design on both sides of a central point. Think about a large shrub that’s mirrored by almost identical shrubs or flowers on each side. An asymmetrical garden is the opposite. While there will still be balance around the central point, each side will differ.

The design you go with will influence the feeling or mood someone experiences when looking at your garden. When determining what direction to take your garden, you should consider what atmosphere you desire. Do you want a very formal garden or something a bit more informal?

3. Highlight the Right Places

A strong glow can easily draw your audience’s attention towards something, but what should it be drawn to? This is a question you should ask yourself when framing the visual display. The focal point shouldn’t be emphasizing a small piece of shrubbery but instead should focus on the grand aspects.

Large trees, statues, and sculptures make great points to illuminate and draw eyes towards. When planning, you should pinpoint what these main points in your garden are, so you can better coordinate what needs increased light coverage. Another aspect to consider is finding methods of hiding your fixtures to give a natural appearance. Having them visible during mornings can ruin the immersion the landscape is hoping to achieve.

Enjoy a Beautiful Garden Day or Night

A simple lamp can bring a whole new feeling to your garden. Having your backyard lit helps keep it lively even through the nighttime and can evoke specific emotions from viewers. Lighting is an art form, and, like different brushes, each one will have a different impact on its environment.

Take a look at your space and decide what areas require lighting. While there are some things to consider when planning your setup, it also offers a lot of creativity to personalize a space designed for you.

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