4 Benefits of Using Trellises On Your Fence


A trellis fence is an alternative fence type that adds a simple yet unique aesthetic appeal to your yard. Trellises come in unique designs that you can pair with fence panels to make striking fencing combinations or use as standalone structures. They come in handy when seeking to enhance an existing fence. Thanks to their distinct construction, trellis panels provide multiple rewards. Discussed below are four benefits of using trellises on your fence.

1. Improved security

Topping an existing fence with trellises comes in handy when seeking to improve your home security. It offers additional protection against intruders by not supporting the weight of an individual attempting to enter your home illegally. Also, it’s difficult for an intruder to hide behind fences with trellises because you can see anybody on the other side. Anyone acting suspiciously behind the fence will arouse your suspicion and alert you of impending danger before it happens.

Using trellises on your fence acts as a topper, which beautifully adds height to your existing fence by resting on top of it. The best trellis for enhancing your property’s security should be strong and securely attached. Trellis panels from industry experts like Tournesol can help you make your home’s security sturdier.

2. Privacy

Strategically positioned trellises with thick climbers can safeguard your yard from prying eyes, providing a secluded oasis. Diamond trellises with tightly interwoven wood strips are ideal for increasing your garden’s privacy. This kind of trellis design obscures your garden from the outside world by making your fence taller, which makes it an excellent option for houses overlooked by neighboring homes. The privacy provided by trellises comes in handy for homeowners with:

● Paddling pools

● Hot tubs

● Dedicated areas for sunbathing

Lattice screens are also perfect for gardens situated next to roads and paths, as they add more security.

3. Beautifying your garden

Using trellises on your fence allows you to beautify your yard and enhance your outdoor space’s aesthetics in the following ways:

● Creating a focal point: Adding trellises on an existing fence creates a beautiful focal point in your yard. You can place it strategically to draw attention to particular areas, including the entryway. The trellis’s intertwining blossoms and vines create attractive visual focal points that effortlessly capture attention while creating an inviting atmosphere

● Vertical greenery: Using trellises on your fence enables you to create a vertical canvas tarp for climbing plants. The climbing plants’ vibrant blooms and lush foliage add visual interest and depth to your yard, making an amazing natural backdrop for all your outdoor activities

● Design versatility: Trellis fences come in different materials, patterns, and styles, letting you pick a design option that complements your backyard’s overall aesthetic. You have your trellis customized to seamlessly blend with your garden’s existing elements, improving its overall cohesiveness and charm

4. Easy installation

Fixing trellises to an existing fence is exceptionally simple because no posts or special tools are required. The only materials you need include:

● Wooden battens

● Trellis panels

● Screwdriver and drill

● Wood screws

Preparing your fence panel for the attachment of trellises only requires you to measure it to ensure sufficient room for the trellis panel and to ascertain that it sits properly on the existing structure.


Adding trellises to an existing fence has multiple rewards. Consider using trellises on your fence to leverage these benefits.

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