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4 DIY Projects for Your Home

DIY Home Decor

Do you get excited watching home improvement shows? Does the idea of a home improvement project get you really excited? Maybe you just have a creative bug biting you and the itch needs to be scratched? Whatever you think and feel about home improvement projects, many projects can be completed via DIY. The following are some ideas you can easily do on a weekend, and they are both exciting and fun.

Built-in Bookshelves in Alcoves or Hallways

When you have oddly deep-set, recessed spaces in a hallway or alcove, you can transform these spaces into extra shelving and storage space. You will need to select the type of wood you want to work with, or you can select ready-made laminated shelving from the hardware store. Decide how tall you want to make these shelves, and then secure one plank or laminated board vertically to the area where two walls meet. It is a good idea to find the stud boards in these walls, and drive the screws through the board into the wall. Pick separate areas on the vertical board(s) to secure the vertical board to the wall, and other areas to pre-drill holes to secure the hardware to hold the shelving. You can hide any mistake holes, as well as intentional holes, with screw hole plugs that match the color of the wood or the laminate board. Attach all vertical boards to the walls before you begin attaching the horizontal boards and supporting hardware. And if you want to create curves or irregular shapes for decor, a band saw would help you out. Remember to choose from good band saw models to ensure quality and safety in your woodworking and DIY projects.

Creating Fun and Unique Wall Decorations from Unusual Supplies

Mosaics and wall plaques are a fun way to decorate your home. You might think that they are a little time-consuming, but if you know what materials to use, the results can be quite stunning. For example, you can use white plastic screw hole plugs to create a polka-dotted or pointillism decoration on walls. When you start with the white plastic screw hole plugs, you can paint them any color you like. You can create multiple colors of “dots” or pointillism spots of color and place them randomly over a wall by either gluing them to the wall or pre-drilling holes and pushing the hole plugs through the holes. It helps to sketch out your ideas ahead of time to see which ideas you like best. To create plaques, glue the pre-painted hole plugs to a wooden board, or spray paint the plugs after you have glued them to the board.

Creating Hanging “Hooks” from Large and Extra-Large Screw Hole Plugs

Since screw hole plugs come in all sizes, you can buy the large or extra large ones, mount them with either screws or glue to a wall or door, and use them as hanging “hooks” for clothes, towels, potholders (although medium-sized hole plugs might work better for hanging potholders), kitchen aprons, etc.. It improves your home by making special hanging spaces for stuff that otherwise ends up on the floor, on a counter, or not where you would expect certain items to be. You can even add the hole plugs to a hall bench and mirror stand that currently does not have places to hang coats or hats!

Plugging Unsightly Holes While Simultaneously Hanging Pictures or Art

If you are the type of person that likes to hang pictures and wall art, but you do not like the unsightly holes left in your walls, there is a way around that. You can use hole plugs to hide the holes while still providing a way to hang your pictures or art. You have to find hole plugs small enough to fit the holes, and after you push the hole plugs part of the way into the holes, you can hang pictures and art over the plugs like they are wall hooks. Then you can push the plugs the rest of the way into the holes, creating a flatter surface and securing the pictures/art to the wall. You can even paint the plugs the same color as your walls, and only someone standing very close to the wall will be able to see the plugs! (Just make sure the pictures or art are not too heavy!)

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