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4 Simple Ways to Give Your Garden A Makeover


Like our homes, our gardens also need care and attention to retain their appeal. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or patio area, there are numerous ways you can enhance it. Introducing vibrant colors, beautiful plants, and bold personality to your outdoor space is easier than you think. Even small things like tidying it up, using salvaged items as plant pots, planting seeds, and watching them grow can make a big difference to the look and feel of your garden. Here are four simple ways to give your outdoor space a makeover.

1. Adding Stone or Gravel to Pathways

Stone pathways are a great way to add definition and a decorative element to your garden. Creating stone pathways is straightforward; you can even do it yourself without hiring professional help.

If you have bricks or flat stones, simply lay them down on an existing pathway to create stone walkways. If your garden has several pathways, you can also try interconnecting them to enhance the look of your garden further.

Using gravel is another affordable option. Mark the pathway to which you want to add gravel, scrape away any loose soil or grass, lay down a permeable membrane to stop weed growth, and then spread gravel over it. Honey stone chippings are also a great option if you want to give your pathways a rustic look.

2. Adding Flowers and Unique Pots

Growing flowers in your garden is the easiest way to add life and color. You can grow seasonal flowers by sowing seeds, bulbs, or ready-bought bedding plants into your flower beds or pots. Consider using aluminum tins, discarded containers, or ceramic jars at home to grow flowers, succulents, or herbs, and give your space a vintage look. Old wooden crates stacked on each other or an old ladder can also make striking shelves for flower pots and add rustic air to your place.

3. Adding a DIY Pond

Another great way to decorate your garden is by adding a pond.

A pond can be any size – even as small as a bucket. Adding one to your garden is simple and affordable, and you can even DIY it. Simply dig a hole in the garden, protect the bottom with a pond liner and hide it using pebbles. Then fill it with water to create a pond. It will also attract wildlife, frogs, birds, and dragonflies. If you enjoy the company of birds, but your garden doesn’t have enough space to have a pond, you can add a birdbath.

4. Trim, Mow, and Deweed

Giving a little extra attention and care to your lawn is the easiest way to change the look of your garden completely. This includes regular mowing, watering, removing weeds, and using scattered seeds to grow lush grass.

Mow your lawn in both directions to give your yard a more polished finish. Eliminating weeds is also important to tidy up the space, as they can steal nutrients from your ornamental plants. Taking out weeds by hand is time-consuming, so you can try to make a DIY weed killer using vinegar or vodka. Removing trees growing in odd places or leftover tree stumps is another way to tidy up your lawn and make it flatter. Small trees are easy to remove yourself, but you might need help from demolition services for larger ones. These services will remove or trim large trees and eliminate waste.


You don’t need to spend much money or have a grand plan to give your garden a makeover. Even small changes can enhance its look. Simply polish the pathways, use odd, colorful pots and flowers, and keep the grass and trees trimmed. This will help you enjoy your outdoor space better.

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