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4 Tips for Picking the Right Stair Rail for Your Home

Stair Rail

Stair rails are one of the most neglected interior home designs, but this shouldn’t be the case. Staircase railing designs are an essential part of the house to think about when planning the overall look of your home. The right stair rail can make your home look more amazing. Here are a few tips to help pick the best rail for your home’s staircase.

1. Consider your style

Besides the type of color or decorations used, every home will have a specific style or design. The interior design and the available space in your home can help you determine the stair rail style.

For instance, if your home is built with artisan influences and you love showing state-of-art artwork or gallery-inspired sculptures, pick a stair rail that shows the same qualities. If you want your home to look traditional, choose a stair rail design that fits that style, such as a glass baluster or marble rail.

Depending on your locality, try to look for local artists or sculptors who can be commissioned for custom projects. Your home might be the right place for a piece of their work. You can also learn more about custom railings to find the perfect rail to accent your staircase and interior design.

2. Prioritize safety

Stair rails are created for safety purposes, and you don’t want anyone to fall when going up or down the stairs. This is particularly important if you have children in your home.

Therefore, always consult with your local building codes or architect to determine how high or low your stair rails should be. In some cases, you may need hand extensions for your home to be safe when changing levels. Generally, your home will be safe and attractive if the materials used are safe and the design follows regulations.

3. Pick the right materials

Stair rails come in a wide range of materials, such as metal, wood, glass, and wrought iron. Since wood can be painted or stained to improve its natural color, it’s perfect for traditional, rustic, and modern-themed homes. Metal stair railings are super trendy in staircases, and they are particularly popular in modern homes that are not afraid to take risks when it comes to home décor.

Glass staircase rails have earned designers’ love thanks to their safety, durability, and exceptionally elegant appearance. Wrought iron rails offer the biggest range of possibilities, and you can use this type of railing in a thousand ways and forms. However, don’t forget to factor in the cost of the materials before you start shopping for your stair rail.

4. Consider the size of your staircase

There are many different types of staircases, but the two main ones are straight and curved staircases. There are also open, semi-opened, and enclosed staircases.

Consider your building dimensions before you start to find the right stair rail for your home. This will help you find a rail that fits your staircase regardless of size or shape.


Choosing the right stair rail for your home is not an easy task, but it’s important to put some deep thought into the decision. These tips can help you find a design you love that will work best with the overall look and feel of your home.

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