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5 Reasons to Ditch the Old Machine For a Robot Lawn Mower

robot lawn mower

“Out with the old and in with the new.” Robots are about to take over, but it’s probably for the better.

Why You Should Buy a Robot Lawn Mower and Dump Your Old One

With robot lawn mowers available in the market, some people are on the fence about whether it’s time to ditch the old dinosaur for the fancy new toy. If you’re one of those people that do not have the luxury of time or nimble movement, that may be the best decision you’ll ever make. Read on and find out why you need to retire your traditional lawn mower in favor of a robot.

What is a Robot Lawn Mower?

A robot lawn mower is like a robotic vacuum for your yard. Well, not exactly, but you get the idea. This automated lawn mower trims and cuts your grass and leaves the clippings to decompose in the soil without almost any effort on your part. Depending on the model, a robot lawn mower works for any garden size and shape.

While your traditional mower involves a lot of hard manual labor, a robotic lawn mower eliminates that part. Sure, some people could use a little exercise to break off sweat, but busy individuals and the elderly do not have the time nor the physical capability to get the job done. And even if you do, would you rather not spend the weekend relaxing with your family than stay under the hot sun for hours?

A robotic lawn mower needs some installation of boundary wires, but aside from a few minutes of the figuring-it-out stage, it is mostly hands-free and autonomous. You will need to trim the edges yourself and install the boundary and guide wires, but the point is you don’t have to do the usual heavy lifting.

Reasons Why You Need a Robot Lawn Mower

You’re probably thinking, “Well, my old lawn mower is still working fine.” You may have stop right there, recalculate your steps, and figure out the reasons why you need a robot lawn mower.

1.) Scheduled Service

Sometimes, things are out of your control. No matter how much you’re willing to do the job, circumstances just won’t permit it.

Here’s what a robotic lawn mower can do: You may program it to run at a specific time, and you won’t even have to be in the vicinity. On top of that, you can specify how frequently you want the robot to mow your grass, and it works day or night, no matter the weather.

2.) Improves Soil Quality

A super underrated benefit of robot lawn mowers is the thing that it does to the soil. It actually helps improve soil health and quality through natural fertilization. A robotic mower only trims off a very little section of the stalk tips each time. They just float to the surface and decay there, providing natural fertilizer to the soil.

3.) Pretty and Consistent Trimming

If you like landscaping as a hobby or a job, you’d certainly appreciate the consistent cutting that a robot lawn mower does. Grass growth varies depending on the nutrients in the soil in the area. Mowing only once a week might result in irregular patches of heavy and sparse growth, which you won’t ever experience with a robotic lawn mower. This keeps your lawn looking neat and tidy at all times. If that makes you the cool neighborhood celebrity, so be it!

4.) More Environment-Friendly

Electric tools are generally better for the environment than machines that run on gas. The emissions from gas-powered equipment add to the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere and are toxic when inhaled. The noise may also be unbearable and could disturb the neighbors. Moreover, condensation and leaks can damage your lawn and reach the local watershed.

All these can be solved and prevented using green and quiet products like a robotic lawn mower.

5.) Needs Little Attention and Upkeep

robot lawn mowerMaintenance will be the least of your worries with a robot lawn mower. There will be no oil changes, gas refills, or anything of that nature. Other than changing the blades once a year or every two years, all you have to do is clean the robot lawn mower on a regular basis. And even that only takes a few minutes!

Best Robot Mowers for Any Garden Size and Shape

Husqvarna Automower 315X
The 315X is an expensive buy, but you can’t put a price on quality and convenience. It works best on small to medium yards and can do about 700 square feet in an hour of running time. Sure, it’s not perfect by any means, but if you value downtime and don’t want to deal with the expense and noise of landscapers, it’s a worthwhile investment.

– Very quiet
– Mulches very fine
– Does not leave streaks in the lawn
– Company has excellent customer service
– Sleek design

– High initial cost
– No rain sensor
– Not waterproof

Worx Landroid M20V
The best thing about the Landroid 20V series is that you can choose based on area capacity. The M20V can handle up to ¼ of an acre or over 43,000 square feet. You can always choose to buy up or down, depending on the size of your lawn. The most impressive thing about the Worx Landroid is its ability to maneuver obstacles and handle rugged terrain. It may get stuck on occasion if it has to turn in the dirt, but other than that, you have a prime-time worker in your hands.


– Impressive obstacle management
– Follows set boundaries very well
– Helpful safety features, such as a rain sensor and auto shutoff
– Quick charging


– May be difficult to install without proper tools
– Not designed to cut grass of at least three inches
– App may be buggy

FlyMo EasyLife GO 250
Best for small lawns and gardens, the EasyLife GO 250 is another fantastic option. It is easy to use, with only a few buttons and a Bluetooth-connecting app that allows you to schedule, troubleshoot, and more. You can also adjust the cutting height according to your preference, although the procedure may differ based on the year model.


– Easy to use and set up
– Fairly quiet operation
– Automatically adapts mowing schedule depending on the weather
– Narrow cutting width
– Does not handle slopes well

Final Thoughts

robot lawn mowerIt’s only natural to be skeptical about buying new things, especially if they cost around $1000. However, if you’re a busy person that values your time more than money, you do your due diligence and decide accordingly.

Robotic lawn mowers allow you to spend your free time on things that matter the most, not under the heat of the sun, but with your family. Aside from the convenience it brings, robot lawn mowers are safe, easy to use, environment friendly, and improve the quality of the soil. There is no better time to ditch the bulky, old push lawnmower than now!

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