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5 Tips for Keeping Your Garden Healthy


Maintaining a healthy garden is hard work. You cannot start a garden and expect it to blossom without exerting any effort in beautifying it. You have to make sure that your plants will never have any diseases that can cause them to die. Here are some ways on how you can keep your garden healthy and free from any diseases:

Check Plants Before Buying

When you are buying a new plant, make sure to check them first for any signs of bugs or diseases. It will be best to research how a healthy plant looks. Read and look at pictures to learn what a sick plant looks like so you can avoid buying them. If you think you lack theoretical knowledge about chosen plants, you should order a custom term paper on a particular topic from professional writers. Never bring home any plants that have rotted stem or fungal infections, which can expose your healthy plants and sometimes get rid of them. At the nursery, do a thorough check of the leaves and the roots as well. Mushy roots can be prone to root rot and fungal infection.

If you have already bought a few pieces without checking them, it’s best to isolate them from the rest of your house plants. This way, you are not exposing your existing plants to whatever new disease or pests your new plants may be carrying.

Use Fully Composted Materials

Ideally, you should have your own compost pile to use for your plants. If you are repotting or changing the soil of your plants, always use fully composted yard waste. Note that materials have different composting rates. A fully composted material means that it no longer has pathogens that may be harmful to the plant. If you are unsure about the quality of your yard waste, don’t use them as mulch for your sensitive plants.

Check Your Plants

Some damages to plants caused by bugs are often more than just its appearance. When bugs create an opening into your plants, it will be much easier for viruses and bacteria to penetrate your plants. In fact, some insects, such as aphids, can act as a vector for viruses. Thrips are another example that can cause the necrotic spot virus. Some bugs can come from your carpets and get transferred to our plants when we clean your homes. In Dublin, carpet beetles often cause problems for gardeners as they can munch on pollen and nectar.

Use Green Cleaning Materials

Most homeowners don’t think that their cleaning products at home can affect their plants and garden in a significant way. Some chemical compounds deter the growth of plants when exposed to constantly. This is why it is always advisable to have a deep cleaning, particularly of carpets, done by professionals like Emerald Carpet Cleaning of Dublin. This way, you are sure that they use green cleaning products to tackle stains, and that won’t be harmful to your plants.

Clean Your Garden

Aside from using green cleaning products at home, you should also ensure that you clean out your garden. The best time to do it is during the fall when the weather permits it. Doing so can help you remove any potential diseases that are already affecting your garden. Remember, diseases can overwinter on dead leaves and affect new leaves that sprout during the spring.

Keeping your garden healthy will sure bring your great rewards. Not only will your plants give you lush and healthy leaves, but they will also bloom beautifully, giving you an excellent reason to invest in beautifying your garden further.

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