Gardening 101

5 Ways to Beautify and Upkeep a Garden


The thought of having a personal garden is, for many, one of their earliest dreams. It gives the owner a getaway from the harsher parts of life, lowering your stress and therefore increasing your overall health. In this sense, it’s a life-saving project to invest in.

The only problem is you may not know where to begin. The fear of doing it incorrectly and not knowing how to go about it can make the whole thing seem too overwhelming to take on.

Well, you just so happened to find the ultimate garden designing guide in terms of design and upkeep. Nothing should keep you from having the garden you’ve always wanted.

1. Select Your Theme

“Garden” is a broad term that encompasses a lot of themes. There are traditional, Zen, herbal, botanical, and many more. Mostly, it depends on the types of plants you choose. You need to take the following into consideration when choosing them:

•     What are your personal tastes?
•   The geographical location (can the climate you live in support this plant’s needs?)
•  Are you going for pure aesthetics, or do you want to grow food or seasonings?
•   How much time can you dedicate to this project?

Once you’ve chosen the plants you want, you’ll need a trustworthy company like Seed Parade to purchase them from, which offers a wide selection of seeds that have been carefully produced and chosen.

2. Choose Where You’re Going to Plant

This refers to where it will be in relation to your house. Use these factors to make the right choice.

•  Healthy, rich soil that is deep enough to plant seeds in that will provide the roots with ample nutrients to grow.
• Enough sun or shade for your selection of plants
• Visibility – gardens are decorations, so you need to have your garden visible. It will also keep it at the forefront of your mind so you will prioritize it.
• Easy to access – no rough terrain, obstacles, or any other factors that would make it difficult or dangerous to access the garden.

3. Get Mulch

Mulch is known for enhancing a garden’s appearance. Here are the reasons your garden needs mulch.

•  Prevention of weeds
•   Helps soil hold moisture, giving it maximum benefits from watering
• Prevents soil from being overheated
• Helps to keep pests away.

Colors come in black, brown, natural, and red. Red is more decorative. Natural and brown create a more natural feel, while black is crisp and dramatic. So know what kind of mood you want to create

When the color begins to fade, it needs to be replaced.  Otherwise, every one to two years, it also needs to be raked over periodically to upkeep its appearance.

4. Decor

The first step to figuring out decorations is to figure out a coloring scheme.  Many people choose colors that match the plants to create the effect of matching.

Once you’ve settled on a color scheme, it’s time for props and decorations. Here are some of the most common choices.

• Overhead canopy (this also provides shade for the garden and a more comfortable gardening experience for you)
•  Fountains
• Unique DIY projects
• LED light strings
• Benches and chairs adorned with pillows create a relaxing lounge area (some people even use couches)
• Walkways
• Stones with your family name or meaningful messages on them add intimacy to the atmosphere.

This is just an idea to get you started, but you can incorporate anything you want into this area. This is your own personal sanctuary, and you will have to be the one who is pleased or displeased with what you come up with.

Adornment For Your Home

Now you know how to create and nurture the perfect garden for your house. In addition to being a beautifying force for your house, it can open up all sorts of creative opportunities.

If you follow all of these steps, you will not only establish a magnificent garden but keep it for the years to come.

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