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7 Landscaping Tools to Help You Beautify Your Property


If you’re a homeowner, you want your property to look as beautiful and eye-catching as possible. If you’re considering selling your property later on, having a great-looking curb appeal built into the property is invaluable. To help you make your property shine, here are seven landscaping tools to help you beautify your property like a professional:

1. Round Point Shovel

A proper, easy-to-use shovel will help you out endlessly when you’re taking care of your lawn in 2023. Having a round-point shovel with a carbon steel blade will ensure that your shovel lasts for years to come. Going with a cheaper plastic model may save you money, but it will have significantly less durability, functionality, and value. Given the starting price for a strong carbon blade shovel, you have no reason not to spend a bit extra to guarantee your shovel’s quality. If you need help picking a solid shovel, you should talk to a local landscape supply company about your landscaping needs.

2. Leaf Blower

If you want to handle leaf build-up that’s not only ugly but actually harmful to your lawn’s health, you’ll need a high-quality leaf blower to assist you. Without one, and a rake, many otherwise-simple lawn care tasks will become needlessly complex. Thankfully, leaf blowers are much cheaper than most people assume. As long as it has a decent battery life and handle, you’ll have a hard time going wrong with your choice of leaf blower product. You can use a leaf blower for a huge variety of tasks.

3. Mobile Dump Cart

Whether you’re thatching, picking up debris, or simply moving around plants, having a quality mobile dump cart on hand is incredibly helpful. You’ll have the ability to ensure you can keep your yard organized with half the effort. Many hard plastic models will do the job without an issue. However, when investing in a mobile dump cart, be sure to look at its wheels and handles above all else. As long as these two parts of the dump cart are durable and comfortable, you’ll have a good choice on your hands.

4. Hand-Powered Spreader

When it comes to using fertilizer and pest control products, you’ll have a much simpler time doing an efficient, quick job if you have a hand-powered spreader handy. These products allow you to cut your work time significantly, and ensure you get an even spread that will help promote your lawn’s overall health. There are lots of products that come with a hand-powered spreader, so you can handle your spreader needs and fertilizer/pest control needs with a single purchase. Be sure to look for these amazing values the next time that you visit your local landscaping shop.

5. Hedge Shears

If you want your hedges and trees to look eye-catching, you’ll need to trim and prune them from time to time. Otherwise, they can become uneven-looking, and out of control quickly. When you invest in a solid pair of hedge shears, you’re investing in clean control over the way your landscaping looks. Those that like to go above and beyond when making their home look presentable (and valuable) will love the value and efficiency that a high-quality pair of hedge shears will bring to their lives.

6. String Trimmer

Even if you mow like a pro, you’ll need a solid string trimmer to handle hard-to-reach places and pesky patches of tall grass. Not to mention, a quality string trimmer can make the initial phases of de-weeding and thatching much easier. You’ll want to invest in a string trimmer that runs on gas if possible, as they are well-known for functioning more efficiently than electrically-powered models. The fact that string trimmers are fairly cheap will make your need for occasional gas refills less of an issue in the long run. You’ll have a fun time finding the exact string trimmer for your unique landscaping needs.

7. Garden Tiller

If you have a love for gardening, and you spend endless hours making your garden healthy and strong, you deserve to have a high-quality garden tiller. This will make seeding, pruning, and practically every other garden task you can think of simpler. They are also quite fun to use once you get the hang of them. Although garden tillers can be a bit more expensive than the other items we’ve discussed on this list, a garden tiller will give you endless value throughout the years and will make sure your crops come in strong. Each of these valuable landscaping tools will give you an absolutely massive bang for your buck.

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