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8 Must-Know Lawn Care Tips for TN Homeowners


Lawn care is one of the most important responsibilities that any TN homeowner has to take on. However, the unique climate and weather that Tennessee is known for can make some homeowners feel lost when it comes to proper lawn care tasks. For this reason, it’s important to educate yourself about the proper tips and tricks you’ll need to make your lawn feel wonderful in 2023. To help you out on this journey, here are eight must-know lawn care tips for TN homeowners:

1. Lawn Care Equipment Maintenance is Key

If you are not taking care of your lawn care equipment, you’re putting yourself at risk of being out of luck when your lawn care tasks need to be done ASAP. Not to mention, you’ll be making yourself pay way more to fix your lawn care equipment if you let it rot and rust. For this reason, you should do yearly lawn care equipment maintenance to make sure you’re good to go. Doing so will be a surefire way to help your lawn stay healthy year-round, after all.

2. You Can Let the Pros Handle Your Needs

Not everyone has the time and energy to take care of their lawn to the extent they need or want to. When this happens, hiring a quality local lawn care service to take care of your lawn care needs is essential. Not only will they help take unneeded work off your plate, but they will know exactly how to care for a real TN lawn. If you want to have the nicest-looking lawn on the block, this is the way to go.

3. Watch Out for Lawn Disease Warnings

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner’s lawn is the sudden spread of lawn diseases. Whether you’re dealing with fungus, grass disease, or something else, knowing how to handle the problem quickly is essential. When you’re first dealing with lawn disease issues, it’s best to leave the work to the pros. Once you have the knowledge you need, however, you’ll be good to handle future issues on your own.

4. Pre-Emergents are Key

Tennessee is notorious for having a climate and ecosystem that promotes weed growth. For this reason, TN homeowners are highly recommended to use pre-emergent herbicides during the spring and summer seasons. These amazing products are easy to apply and help prevent the type of excessive and dangerous weed growth that plagues many TN homeowners. Just make sure to ask your local lawn care service about what type of pre-emergent will be best for your home’s unique lawn needs.

5. Landscaping Benefits Your Lawn

Not only does landscaping help your property look beautiful, but it’s also an essential part of maintaining a healthy, well-manicured lawn. If you fail to do basic lawn care tasks, diseases, pests, and other lawn care issues are almost guaranteed to plague you within a few years. Even if you handle basic mowing, you’ll need to focus on well-intentioned landscaping tasks to truly unlock the best version of your home’s lawn.

6. Perform Yearly Soil Tests

Preparation and being ahead of the game are key when it comes to being a pro at lawn care. If you want to have a solid understanding of what your lawn’s current health state is, you’ll need to perform yearly soil tests. You can more effectively thatch, use pre-emergents, and pesticides if you test your soil beforehand as well. Soil tests will give you all the information and statistics you need to discover the exact way that you should be caring for your lawn in 2023.

7. Raking is Crucial for a Healthy Lawn

While nobody likes to rake their lawn, few lawn care tasks in the leafy seasons are as critically important to your lawn’s overall health. After all, a patch of unraked leaves can begin to rot, which will attract diseases and pests to your lawn in mass. Not only will raking regularly help your lawn stay healthy, but it will ensure that your lawn looks stunning for your neighbors and family members as well.

8. Never Underseed

Many people go way too sparse when they begin planting new grass seed on their lawns. Planting new seeds every other year is a great way to ensure you have a full, lush lawn (especially in Tennessee’s climate). For this reason, do not be free to get a bit excessive when planting grass seed. Doing so will ensure you’re avoiding the crucial mistake of under-seeding your lawn this year (and in future years).

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