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8 Must-Know Lawn Mower Maintenance and Safety Tips

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Mowing your lawn can be a relaxing, fun time. However, if you fail to stay safe, or to take care of your lawn mower, disaster can strike. To keep mowers safe in 2023, here are eight must-know lawn mower maintenance and safety tips that every homeowner should be aware of:

1. Take Care of Your Spark Plugs

Few issues mowers have are as commonplace as the need to repair or replace spark plugs. These small, fairly inexpensive parts are crucial for keeping your lawn mower running smoothly (or at all), after all. For this reason, make sure you take the time to check out on your spark plugs’ conditions every few months. Doing so will help you replace, clean, or repair them before damaged spark plugs lead to bigger issues down the road.

2. Never Forget About Your Wheels

Whether you’re using a push lawnmower, or a riding one, you’ll need to ensure your wheels are in tip-top condition to stay effective and safe while mowing. Remember, even a slight wobble or lack of evenness can lead to big issues. For this reason, never forget to check on your wheels’ condition before each mowing session. If you suspect (or know) something is wrong, it can be useful to contact a lawn mower service in your area for help. They will know exactly how to deal with your wheels in a timely, effective fashion.

3. Keep Your Blades Sharp

To get a proper cut, you’ll need to ensure your mower’s blades are sharp, and that they are not dealing with any dangerous obstructions. Your blades can be damaged by rocks, rough patches of dirt, and trying to mow on, especially uneven surfaces, so exercise caution each time you perform a mowing session. By doing so, you’ll avoid having to replace your blades often (or at all). Replacing blades can be quite expensive, so this is one of the most important maintenance tips that every mower should keep in mind.

4. Take Care of the Undercarriage

When you’re mowing regularly (especially if you let your grass get high before cutting it), you’ll need to clean your mower’s undercarriage after each mowing session. If you fail to do so, there will be issues where grass and other material will begin to clog in the undercarriage, and around your mower’s blades. Not only can this lead to safety issues, but it can cause massive issues with the blades being able to move effectively as well. If you want to keep your mowing sessions smooth and stress-free, you need to pay close attention to your mower’s undercarriage.

5. Use Clean Air Filters

While not every lawn mower has an air filter built into its design, most do (especially riding lawn mowers). This is another small, but important part of your mower that requires regular maintenance and a close eye (similar to the spark plugs that we discussed earlier). If your lawn mower’s air filter is damaged or clogged, it will have a much harder time blowing grass away as the blades do their job. For a clean, quick cut, you’ll want to have your air filters in the best shape possible.

6. Do Yearly Oil Changes

Another crucial maintenance task, doing yearly oil changes will make every aspect of your mower work much more effectively. Without enough oil, you’ll have a hard time starting your mower. However, if you fail to replace your oil for a long time, and keep running your mower, you could cause the engine to be completely wrecked. At that point, you’ll be looking at exuberant repair costs (or a repair bill that will effectively “total” your lawn mower). If you’re looking to avoid budgetary disasters with your lawn care in 2023, this tip is essential to remember.

7. Learn to Use Your Mower Safely

Many people assume that using a lawn mower is as simple as one, two, three. That being said, some lawn mowers are difficult to figure out at first (especially if this is your first time using a mower). If you’re using a riding lawn mower, educating yourself about responsible mower operation becomes that much more important. Tragically, there are multiple riding lawn mower deaths per year in the US due to irresponsible mower operation accidents/

8. Never Go Too Fast

Lastly, if you’re using a riding lawn mower, you should be extra careful to avoid speeding around corners, hillsides, and other dangerous areas. Take things easy, and gradually increase your speed when finding out what speed is both optimal and safe for the place you’re mowing. Doing so can save lives, after all.

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