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9 Tips for Building a Beautiful Garden in PA


Have you always dreamed of having your own beautiful garden in the backyard, but you’re not sure where to start? We have compiled this guide for Pennsylvania homeowners, which includes tips and tricks for building and maintaining a beautiful garden.

Plan Your Garden Ahead of Time

Consider your space and plan ahead of time where you’ll put specific flowers and plants in your home garden. This ensures you have sufficient room for all the items you want to include. Create a blueprint design that guides you on where to plant certain items. You can also use this guide to create labels so you know where everything is planted before it sprouts. Decide where to plant each item based on the amount of sunlight each area receives.

Choose Colorful Flowers and Plants To Make Your Garden Pop

Choose a wide range of colorful flowers and plants to help your garden pop. A few excellent options to add color to your garden include tulips, zinnias, dessert roses, and dahlias. If you want something native to Pennsylvania that grows well, consider Turk’s cap lily or great blue lobelias. Virginia bluebells also give a nice, beautiful blue coloring. Beebalms will fill your garden with vibrant red colors.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

You can still build a beautiful garden, even with only limited space available. You can use props like a leaning ladder, crates, garden wall, or hanging terrace. You can also install a garden trellis or pergola as a sitting area and hang flowing flowers from it for a beautiful entertaining space. A few flowers that work well vertically include clematis, wisteria, petunia, and moonflower.

Choose Premium Soil and Mulch

Give your flowers and plants the nutrients they need to grow and thrive by choosing premium soil and mulch products. You can plant your flower and vegetable seeds in the topsoil of your choice and then add a premium mulch to ensure they get enough water and nutrients. A good mulch product also gives your home garden a complete design.

Design a Sitting Area

Building and managing a garden is hard work. Enjoy your labors by designing a sitting area where you can go and enjoy it once it’s finished. Add a few flagstone and natural stone designs in a large square or rectangular shape to create a space for entertaining. Place some of your favorite outdoor furniture pieces, and your outdoor sitting area will become one of the favorite parts of your home.

You might try a porch swing or a lounge chair overlooking your garden. If you prefer, you could also position your outdoor furniture in a separate part of your yard but overlooking the beautiful garden.

Add Some Garden Art

Give your garden a little personality by incorporating some garden art into your design. Large, shaped shrubs or porcelain statues are both excellent options. A colorful mural on your fence or shed also gives your garden an artistic design. You can even incorporate repurposed tires or tractors for a fun twist or go with a favorite theme.

Create an Area for Growing Your Favorite Vegetables

Use your garden to supply your family and friends with fresh vegetables. Designate a small portion of your garden for asparagus, kale, green zucchini, or leaf lettuce. All will grow well in your Pennsylvania garden. If you’re limited in space, consider adding raised planter boxes to the exterior of your garden or underneath trees. You can also build planter boxes into your home’s deck or patio to increase the amount of space available for flowers and plants.

An edible sensory garden can also be a fun project. Edible sensory gardens appeal to all five senses. In addition to producing tasty vegetable plants, your garden also relaxes, calms, and is visually appealing.

Choose the Right Fertilizer

The right fertilizer can make all the difference when creating a vibrant, thriving garden in your Pennsylvania backyard. Choose a premium fertilizer filled with nutrients. Adding mulch over the top of your planted seeds can complete your garden while also helping to hold in the different, necessary nutrients.

Get Creative

Creativity can make your garden stand out. Incorporate containers, planters, and other unique garden sources into your home garden. Visit some of the beautiful gardens in the state for inspiration. Think about the flowers you want to plant most and find unique ways to add them to your design.

The state enjoys four seasons, which can make for a diverse garden. Use these tips to grow a beautiful garden in your Pennsylvania home. With a little planning and creativity, you can design a garden full of colorful flowers and fresh vegetables.

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