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Aeration: The Key to a Stronger More Vibrant Lawn


Making holes in turf by aeration gets more oxygen, nutrients and water into the root system.

We all know that jaw-dropping lawns don’t just happen. They require a bit of work. But if you think that regular watering, fertilizing and mowing are going to get your grass in top shape, we’re about to poke holes in that theory. And we’re not kidding about the holes.

That’s because according to Ron Scheffler, Senior Product Manager for Doosan Bobcat, parent company of RYAN Turf Renovation Products, the critical step missing from most lawn care regimens is aeration. Aeration, while often overlooked, could be the most important action in turning a lackluster lawn into a coveted green carpet.

Why aeration matters

Aeration is the process of making small holes in the lawn using metal tines. It essentially allows your soil to breathe better and gets more oxygen, nutrients and water down into the root system. In addition to strengthening turfgrass roots, aeration can do some pretty amazing things for the lawn.

These include:

Thinning out thatch which is naturally occurring organic material that can choke your lawn and make it susceptible to disease

Correcting compaction of the soil due to lawn mower pressure and foot traffic, ultimately improving lawn resiliency and cushion

Preventing puddling and reducing water run-off

Toughening tolerance of your lawn to drought conditions and excessive heat

Fueling fertilizer effectiveness by increasing its uptake

Promoting grass seed germination because breaking up the compaction and bringing soil to the surface helps with seed-to-soil contact.

How and when to aerate

Most professional lawn care services have the equipment and the know-how to aerate your lawn right. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can rent equipment from a local tool rental shop, home improvement store or a lawn and garden center. There are several different kinds of aerators, but you’ll probably want either a walk-behind aerator (like the RYAN Lawnaire IV) or a stand-on aerator (like the RYAN Lawnaire ZTS).

And if you’re looking for a great time to aerate your lawn, why not do it on National Aerate Your Lawn Day, which this year falls on September 17, 2022? Industry experts say the fall season is the best time of year to aerate (especially in the northern areas of the United States) because the lawn experiences minimal stress during the fall and can easily withstand the aeration process.

Throw an aeration party!

Because aeration equipment can be bulky and hard to transport, aeration block parties where neighbors join together to rent an aerator and share it for a day, are becoming popular. It takes the work out of the aeration process by making it a social event.

Take the next step

However you decide to approach aeration, the most important thing is to do it. By adding aeration to your annual lawn care regimen, you’re helping ensure your lawn reaches its full potential for beauty, thickness and health.

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