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Best Home Care Agencies In Greenwich Reviewed

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Three out of every four Americans over the age of 50 want to stay in their existing house as long as possible. Some people wish to age in place because they have an emotional attachment to their house and maintaining their garden and plants every day, while others want to maintain their independence.

There are several home care providers and service kinds available to seniors and their families. They take care of your family members while you can freely visit, interact and spend time with them whenever you want.

In this article, we will make a list of the top home care agencies in Greenwich to help you decide on a warm and cosy place for the elderly in your family.

What Are Home Care Agencies?

elderlyCompanionship, transportation, and assistance with daily living activities (ADLs), such as getting dressed, bathing, and preparing meals, are all examples of care. Depending on the client’s needs, a home care assistant may help them for anywhere from an hour per week to 24 hours per day once a founder decides on launching such a company.

Home care is not the best option for everyone while being an excellent care solution for many. The elderly may not be a good candidate for home care for the reasons listed below. Note that this list only includes common home care services; home health care is not included. Seniors prefer their colleagues’ company to assistance or carer. Those who need a safe atmosphere and round-the-clock care due to advanced cognitive impairment.

Top Home Care Agencies In Greenwich

Now let us take a look at the best home Privatus Care Solutions care agencies you must avail yourself for services in Greenwich:

Privatus Care Solutions

The founding principles of Privatus Care Solutions were that superior patient care and superior customer service need not be mutually incompatible. All Privatus caregivers have undergone the strictest possible screening, are regularly observed, and, as PPE is available, are provided with it. They remain fully functioning at every one of our sites, providing the best services possible with a staff of committed healthcare experts. Privatus offers private care services with a special emphasis on customer satisfaction and hospitality. According to this service provider, lifestyle assistance is just as crucial as our professional knowledge.

Home Care Connectors

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Post-Op, and Rehabilitation, Home Care Connectors in Greenwich may offer round-the-clock long-term care. With incidental care, assistance is given as required for however long it takes, rather than on a regular weekly basis. Mobility help, personal care, transportation, and post-operative care are all responsibilities that their kind carers are capable of doing. Additionally, clients may live comfortably in their own homes with the help of personal care services without compromising their quality of life. Everyday actions that can become too difficult or uncomfortable for clients to complete on their own are assisted by caregivers. The following personal care requirements can be helped by their in-home care services.

Greenwich HomeCare

A non-medical home health care company, Greenwich HomeCare is locally owned and run. It is an agency that serves the larger Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Westport, CT, and all of Fairfield County. This agency is bonded, insured, and licensed. When providing personal care, homemaker/companion care, hospital accompaniment, transport, and travel help, our home health aides always put the patient first. The aim at Greenwich HomeCare is to maintain your happiness and safety at home. By providing concierge services like hair stylists, dietitians, personal trainers, and massage therapists, they aim to tailor care to your loved one’s requirements. Another crucial component of elder care that the caregivers of Greenwich HomeCare emphasise is preventing falls. An elderly person’s life might be drastically altered by a fall; in certain cases, going home is no longer an option.


Senior Citizens Day is observed on August 21 all around the world to raise awareness of the significance of providing for the old and assisting them in living with dignity. Memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease are among the most common health issues affecting the aged. Your elderly parents need nutritious meals because they are unable to eat properly at their advanced age owing to indigestion. With a doctor’s consent, they should be encouraged to exercise and stay active. To lower the chance of falls, make sure they are wearing appropriate shoes and that the floors are maintained dry.


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