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Best Small Business Ideas for Expert Gardeners


Sometimes a hobby is just a hobby. Sometimes though, it can be more than that. Expert gardeners can take their skills from hobby to profession with a few small steps. Don’t let a lack of business expertise intimidate you. Anyone can start a profitable and fulfilling business as long as they have the passion and drive to see it through.

If you enjoy gardening, there are tons of viable small business ideas out there that are perfect for you. Below are the top small business ideas that are the ideal fit for gardeners and plant lovers.

Landscape Design

Why waste time on work that doesn’t feel meaningful? Landscape design can combine your practical skills and love of gardening with monetary gain. Imagine instead of a garden, you get to lay out the blueprint for an entire front yard. If you are interested in the aesthetic quality of gardening and enjoy the planning stages, landscape design might be the right career for you.

Opening your own small business can be daunting. Prepare for your contractor exam with courses from With a little preparation, you can get licensed and get started designing and building beautiful outdoor spaces.

Blogger/E-Commerce Seller

If you love sharing knowledge about the best ways to grow certain flowers, or which pests to watch out for during which seasons, this job is for you. Bloggers get to take what they learn in the garden and communicate it to readers. Readers can then use those tips to start their garden off successfully. A blog can even be more than just words on a page. You can expand to videos using an online video editor, photos, and plant guides. Create new gardening traditions and find readers to participate with you.

A blog can be a small business with the right planning and execution. Sponsorships from gardening-related companies can be a source of income. Offering merchandise or custom equipment can also be a source of income for this small business.

Farmer’s Market Vendor

The great thing about this business venture is that if your food doesn’t sell, you get to eat it! If you like growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your garden, you might feel right at home at a farmer’s market. This small business can be a great way to try out new skills and expand as a vegetable grower and gardener.

You don’t just need to sell fresh fruits and veggies at the market. You can also experiment with homemade jellies and jams, loaves of bread, dips, and herbs. Become the gardener/chef/salesman of your food with a small business that you run.

Custom Flower Shop

Beyond just food-related sales, gardeners can get a lot of business for well-arranged bouquets. Be sure to consider all of your options with the plants you carry in your garden. Consider which seasons will be more popular flower-buying seasons based on holidays and other factors.

Use this data to help you plan a cycle for your garden to best serve your small business. If you plan it correctly, you will be able to have the inventory that people need when they need it.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a new business idea, look no further than your hobbies. Skilled gardeners have plenty of options available when it comes to small businesses. Open up to your more artistic side with ideas like landscape design, bouquet sales, and blogging, or choose a job that lets you enjoy the outdoors like a farmer’s market vendor. Regardless of what you choose, you will be able to say that you are doing the thing you love.

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