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Connecting Gardening & Plumbing: Tips for Making Your Garden More Efficient and Successful with an Irrigation System

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Irrigation is imperative when it comes to your garden. In order for your garden to thrive and be successful, it will have to have a quality irrigation system in place that features top-notch plumbing.

Simple watering tactics like the use of a watering can, a hose, or simply depending on rainwater are decent ways to water your garden; however, an irrigation system with quality plumbing will be much more efficient and will ultimately make your life easier. A plumber in Voorhees pointed out some of the major benefits of irrigation systems in regard to gardening, including the ability to depend on a timer to water your garden, is that irrigation systems produce smaller droplets so the garden will not become flooded, and the allowance they provide for the soil to properly get nutrients.

With that being said, here are 3 plumbing tips having to do with irrigation and plumbing that will improve your garden.

3 Plumbing Tips That Will Improve Your Garden This Year

If you are looking to improve your garden, here are some things you should know.

Consider How You Water Your Garden
As you look into ways to utilize plumbing and irrigation systems to improve your garden, you will need to think about the specific kind of irrigation systems available. You will need to determine what kind of irrigation system will make the most sense for your garden. Some of the most popular irrigation systems that will help you water your garden include:

Rotor Systems – Rotor systems come in two styles; stream and impact. These irrigation systems do an outstanding job of covering large areas and are designed to give drops time to be absorbed by plants and the ground before systematically watering again.

Spray Systems – These irrigation systems take traditional sprinklers one step further by coming in larger and various shapes and sizes. These irrigation systems spray in full circles, half-circles, or in factions of a circle and are best used for smaller gardens on flat surfaces.

Drip Irrigation Systems – These kinds of irrigation systems are perhaps the most popular on the market right now as they are the most water-efficient. Because each drop is applied slowly to the garden, the ground has time to absorb each and every drop. Additionally, these irrigation systems use only a fraction of the water that other systems use, which will save the environment and your bank account.

Soaker Hoses – Great for deep watering of gardens, soaker hoses ooze water through a porous membrane running the length of the hose, which allows for roots of a plant in the garden to absorb water from inside of the earth.

Before you choose an irrigation system, make sure that you talk to a quality plumber to get his or her professional opinion. Likewise, be sure to interview multiple plumbers to find the plumber that will do the best quality job with installing your new irrigation system or the kind of plumber that will give you quality pointers if you are planning to perform the installation yourself.

Think About the Irrigation System Design
What irrigation system will be most effective and efficient in your garden? What system design is crucial for your garden’s success? Some other important things to consider in regard to the system design include:

● How deep do you need to bury the waterline; you will need to bury it below the first line which is approximately 42 inches deep in the ground.

● Whether or not you have obstacles that will prevent you from installing an irrigation system underground.

● If you have the space for the irrigation design you have in mind.

Because of factors such as the ones listed above, it will be worth your while to talk to a plumber to help you determine the irrigation system that will be most efficient for your specific garden.

Pay Attention to Draining
You will need to figure out the low point in the irrigation system and where all of the water will drain. If the land on which you are installing an irrigation system is on a slope, you will need to install a drain valve. However, if the irrigation system is downhill or flat, gravity will take care of the draining.

If you are unsure how draining works and how to plan it, talk to a plumber. A quality plumber will be able to help you develop a drainage plan to ensure your irrigation system is as efficient and successful as possible.

Consider These Plumbing and Irrigation System Tips

If you are thinking about installing an irrigation system, keep these tips in mind. It will be worth your while to know all you can about installing an irrigation system so you avoid any issues and so that you can be sure you are getting the irrigation system that will benefit your garden the most.

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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