Garden Design

Cool Ideas to Transform Your Porch

Deck and porch

The heat is on, but that shouldn’t keep you inside, away from your garden. Try these ideas to dress up your porch, deck, or patio and make it a retreat during the lazy days of summer.

Just add water. The sound of a bubbling fountain is music to the ears during your morning coffee or evening relaxing with family and friends.

Splurge on cushions. You’ll want to linger longer when your favorite chair or settee has plush, comfy cushions. Toss in some pillows and you’ll feel like you’re in an outdoor bonus room.

Dress it up with plants. Surround yourself with beautiful containers overflowing with your favorite plants. Don’t settle for a few small pots with annuals. Get the most bang for the buck by investing in some large containers that will hold larger plant materials. You can pot up perennials, trees, shrubs, vines, and more.  Just make sure to keep these watered year-round.

Chic on the Cheap. You decorate the inside of your house so why don’t decorate the outside, too?  Shop local flea markets and thrift stores for fun décor.  Add candles, wall tiles, metal artwork, retro furniture, and anything else that defines your personal taste.

Made in the shade. Add a new market umbrella, flowing drapery panels, awnings or arbors to provide a shady place on your porch.

Add the unexpected. Drive-in movies are hard to find these days, but you can make your own with a screen or white sheet and take movie night outdoors.  Buy or borrow a DVD projector and watch the latest movies or downloads from your computer. You can even bring the TV outside. Of course, HD movies are still nothing without great audio. A soundbar for a Sony TV or other brands will work nicely in your outdoor setup. Just remember to pass the popcorn.

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