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Creating A Home Office In Your London Home: A Practical Guide

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in people working from home. Initially, global events made this a necessity, but since then employers and employees alike have come to realise the benefits that working from home can offer both staff and businesses and have allowed the practice to continue.

If you look set to continue working from home for the foreseeable future, you have undoubtedly considered putting together your own home office. Working in front of the TV sounds like heaven, but you’ll soon find it distracting and you’ll be eager to find a quiet space to get on with your work. We’ve put together a practical guide for creating an office in your London home. Check it out below.

Find A Space For Your Office

The first thing you need to do is to identify a space that you can use for your home office. If you have a spare room, this can be the perfect space. If not, you might have to make space in a corner of a room or even convert a large cupboard.

Often, our spare rooms and cupboards can become spaces where we stash all our excess stuff and unnecessary possessions. Junk can build up over time, before you know it you could have a major rebuild job to contend with.

Before you start throwing everything away, why not consider putting some of this stuff in an external storage unit? This way you can clear a space for your home office quickly and without the risk of binning something you shouldn’t have. Check out Safestore London, there you’ll find a range of personal storage options to suit your needs.

Get A Desk

You might or might not have a desk already, but if you don’t, you’re going to need one for your home office. This will act as your working surface and will be where you sit your laptop, documents, and, most importantly, your coffee.

Get a desk that’s the right height for you and that has enough drawers and storage space. Under-desk drawers and shelving can be fantastic space-saving opportunities and can help keep your office free from clutter, which will promote productivity.

Always remember to measure your space carefully and accurately, this will ensure you don’t end up getting a desk that is too big to fit into your home office.

Get All The Supplies You Need

Offices and working spaces are often stocked with all the supplies we need to do our jobs. We can often take this for granted and when it comes time to work from home, we may find ourselves short on the necessary equipment.

Ensure your home office is fully stocked with everything you’ll need. This will depend on the particulars of your job and what it entails, but you should aim to have a stock of standard office equipment such as pens, paper, a printer, USB sticks, and spares chargers and cables.

Decorate Your Office

Once you have your space cleared, desk in place, and all your working equipment on standby, you’re pretty much good to go. However, it’s always worth decorating your office and personalising it to make it more welcoming and comfortable.

Try adding a houseplant. Plants have proven benefits for our physical and mental health and are a valuable addition to any working space.


As more and more of us take up a home working lifestyle, it’s vital that we have a space where we can do our work in peace. Follow the steps we’ve outlined in the guide above and put together the perfect home office.

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