Creative Patio Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

patio lights

A patio is always a tricky place to design since it traverses that barrier of what constitutes an interior and exterior space. One’s patio may open up from the main room and therefore increase seating or the room available for dining or entertaining, or it might be a separate enclosed space on the other side of the house. Lighting is always a crucial factor in how a space feels and here are some creative patio lighting ideas that will blow your mind.

A Multi-Functional Fire Pit 

A fire pit is a brilliant idea if you live in a colder area as it will be used a lot for warmth but it can also be used for the tradition of roasting marshmallows with a good horror story or doing some BBQ. Many people use the less precise method of barbecuing on a fire pit although having a foldable grill you can tuck away is also practical. Fire pits are very aesthetic and many designers include them for that reason especially if they do not use real fire logs, thereby limiting the mess and cleanup.

Usually, materials like stone or concrete are used for making a fire pit so very hot temperatures do not damage it. Many people like to go darker in their choice of heat resistant stone or metal so that it takes less effort to make their outdoor space look clean and inviting. Adding pebbles or a bit of foliage surrounding the fire pit can make the space look naturally alluring.

String Lights To The Rescue 

String lights or twinkle fairy lights are a crowd favorite. They remind you of being at the carnival or at a festival or at your favorite restaurant as you enjoy a meal. They create a beautiful ambiance that will be appreciated by guests especially if you are serving food out at your patio. String lights also give a magical vibe especially if they are paired with other design additions like a light up tree, moon lamps, or other whimsical kinds of décor.

Pendant or Hanging Lights 

For outdoor spaces hanging lanterns or pendant lights are very fashionable and practical since they provide that warm, cozy feel without being in the way or using up valuable space the way a table lamp or floor lamp might. Depending on the space available to you on your patio, you can choose hanging lights above a sitting area or even a mini dining area. Choose lampshades according to your theme such as bamboo or straw or even paper. Be careful about choosing materials that will theoretically last well outdoors such as when the wind is strong although patios tend to be covered. Lampshades can also be removed or covered in the event of a storm.

Solar Paneling & Solar Lights 

Sustainable living is the way to the future and a concept that is forefront of any homeowner’s mind when they are designing or remodeling their home or any space in their house especially patios in Toronto. Solar paneling may not seem particularly gorgeous but it can be tucked away on the roof of your patio or any structure you have built that provides shade. Solar lights connected to these panels can illuminate your patio in the evening and nighttime time along with providing extra energy for your house. Research shows that even minimal solar panel installation can cause significant energy savings.


Your patio is a wonderful little spot you can enjoy every day if you take the time to make it beautiful and functional. Consider the demands of your lifestyle and create the space of your dreams with the most ambient and amazing lighting solutions.

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