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Creative Pot And Planter Placement Ideas To Enhance Your Garden Design

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Gardening and caring for houseplants have become immensely popular these days as people are trying to find productive ways to pass the time while they’re at home. Reports indicate that Millennials are largely responsible for the growing demand for houseplants, and some of the most enthusiastic plant owners won’t hesitate to spend $4,000 or more on the hottest plants, such as the Monstera adansonii. Apart from investing in exotic or rare plant varieties, avid gardeners and houseplant owners are also dropping cash on decorative pots to hold their plant babies. If you’d like to add more potted plants to your outdoor space or home, it’s important to choose the right pots so they’ll complement your garden design. You should also know how to set them up in such a way that they’ll enhance your home like the ones seen in a planter manual. Here are some creative pot and planter placements to beautify your green space.

Group oversized pots and planters in the garden

Instead of using little pots and flimsy planters, choose large and durable outdoor planters to hold vibrant flowers and green foliage. Arrange them in such a way so that they’re clustered together, making sure to put together three or five oversized pots in different sizes. You can also arrange them in twos or fours, but odd-number arrangements look better if you’re going to put the pots together in one place. If you’re going for an elegant and sophisticated garden, make sure that your pots are in the same color and finish.

However, if you’re going for that traditional country look, you can mix and match, but try not to have more than three different pots and planter styles for a cohesive look. Also, pick pots and planters that complement the theme of your outdoor space. For instance, if you have a traditional garden, choose pots made of natural clay. For a modern or contemporary garden, pick ones in a stone grey, black, or ivory-white finish.

Use an A-frame ladder to hold small pots and planters

If you’ve got a rusty A-frame ladder in your backyard, why not use that to hold small pots and planters? Simply paint it white, or paint it in an unexpected color, such as slate blue, then allow the paint to dry. Next, cut some wood planks to create shelves. Position the shelf in such a way that each end is resting on the rungs of the ladder, then secure the shelf to the ladder using a bit of wood glue. Now all you have to do is to arrange your small pots and planters on the shelves. This ladder planter stand can hold tiny house plants inside your home, or you can display herbs or small flowering plants on it if you intend to have them in your garden.

Use wooden shutters to house your succulent collection

Wooden shutters are ideal for displaying your mini succulent collection. The best part is you don’t even need special woodworking skills to make it look as if it was done by a pro. Place the shutters on the wall of your den or living room, and fill it with succulents from top to bottom. You can arrange your succulents by color or type, but make sure to leave room between the slats to avoid crowding and to display your plants in the most flattering way.

The right pot and planter placement can create a stunning visual effect in any garden or home. Consider these ideas to refresh the look of your garden in an effortless way.

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