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Discovering the World’s Most Fabulous Casino Gardens

casino gardens

The world of casino entertainment is a stunning realm of glamor and fabulous sights filled with unforgettable experiences. One thing casino-goers might overlook is all the beauty surrounding their favorite casinos.

Today we will take a look at some of the world’s most fabulous casino gardens. Before we start, thanks to our friends who helped prepare this list.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

casino gardensThe three primary parks surrounding the Casino de Monte-Carlo were created in 1893 by famed French landscape architect Édouard André. The first part is known as Jardins des Boulingrins. It was just recently restored after a six-year break from 2013 to 2019, during which time Les Pavillons de Monte-Carlo, a collection of dome-shaped retail pavilions, partly obscured the green spaces. However, the pavilions were always meant to be transitory.

The previous gardens, which provided plenty of grass for residents and guests to relax on, served as inspiration for the modern ones, which are now restored and include two large green bowling greens surrounded by beds of flora and interspersed with lakes and fountains. The majority of the 37 full-sized trees were moved and eventually reinstalled.

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden

casino gardensBeyond the characteristic dancing fountains, you may find a stunning and well-equipped conservatory and botanical garden while admiring the architectural magnificence of the renowned Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Gorgeous all year long, this area is particularly festively decorated in the winter months of December and January with whimsical and exquisite seasonal accents. See the magnificent Bellagio atrium, which is home to some fabulous seasonal flowers, plants, and decorations.

Secret Garden at Las Vegas’s Mirage Hotel

This garden was established as a refuge for a few spectacular creatures that are now threatened with extinction in the wild. In addition to housing them in spaces that allow them to roam freely and give opportunities for play, climbing, and social interaction, this area also serves to educate the public about this endangered species. Once believed to be extinct, Striped White Tigers were rediscovered in 1951 when a cub was found by the Maharaja of Rewa.

In addition to their decision to prevent the extinction of these endangered tigers, their caregivers also bred them. The sanctuaries in Las Vegas created and maintained by this group of preservationists are home to around 40 white tigers. Being able to see them up close is very exciting.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

You’re not hearing a lie when a tiny birdie tells you that there’s a bunch of exotic birds right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. You can get up close and personal with exotic ducks, koi fish, pink flamingos, and a lot more at the Flamingo’s outdoor Wildlife Habitat.

Even though the Wildlife Habitat is near the resort, it seems like a world apart. You’ll think you’re in heaven with all of the waterfalls, trees, streams, meadows, and brooks. The only thing lacking is a little umbrella-adorned drink.

The vivid pink Chilean flamingos will undoubtedly draw your eye. These flamingos, which are native to South America, may reach heights of four feet and weigh up to six pounds.

The male ducks are naturally amorous, in addition to having unusual and distinctive traits. You’ll see signs around the park informing visitors that these dapper birds know how to win over women.

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