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Five Plants to Create a Zen Atmosphere in Your Garden

lavender plants

Finding the right plants to fill your garden can be tricky. If you’re wanting to add some zen to your outdoor space, the right combination of comfy outdoor cushions, furniture and flora can create the atmosphere that you’re looking for. Here are some of the best plants to bring about a variety of benefits for you and the surrounding wildlife.


One of the most beautiful plants around. The warm and gentle lilac glow of Lavender can inspire a sense of calm and peace in an instant. It provides a lovely contrast to many other colours in the garden and can offset overwhelming swathes of green.

The fragrance is widely used in air freshening and scent products because of its soothing and relaxing nature. Lavender oil does wonders in reducing frustration, stress and headaches, and can have positive impacts on depression and anxiety.


A vibrant green such as this should be welcomed into any garden, but peppermint has many other beneficial properties. It’s commonly used in tea and oils to settle pain and discomfort. When added to a hot bath, the herb can stimulate muscle relaxation and recovery.

The minty scent is scintillating and sure to awaken your senses. Its smell can deter other unwanted guests such as flies, moths, ants, mosquitoes and even rodents. Investing in a peppermint plant could do you and your garden a lot of good.


The smell of rosemary will be all too familiar for many. It’s a traditional ingredient used in roast dinners, breads and infused into oil to give sumptuous flavours. However, rosemary is also just as pleasing as a garden plant, with a distinct scent that can bring your garden or allotment to life.

This herb is a great attractor of pollinators, so you can expect some friendly bees in your garden during spring and summer. Rosemary scent is also said to improve concentration, memory and relieve stress.


A perennial favourite that’s sure to return year after year. Jasmine flowers are delicate and pure, usually white or yellow, with rich green leaves that provide a magnificent contrast. On aesthetics alone, they’re a fantastic addition to any garden.

The jasmine fragrance is instantly recognisable and captivating. It can help to soothe your mind and body from the effects of stress and anxiety, and the aroma promotes a restful night’s sleep. Why not try it for yourself?


Bold and bright, these flowers are aptly named and have the power to brighten your day even with grey skies above. They beautifully blossom in early to mid-summer and transform your garden space with a gorgeous yellow tone that can put a smile on your face.

Sunflower seeds are also packed with nutrients, including magnesium and a whole host of vitamins, which can elevate your diet. But you don’t have to eat them if you don’t want – just admire!

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