Garden Books

Garden Books by Local Authors

Local authors debut gardening books in 2012.

Gardening with Confidence®—50 Ways to add style for personal creativity: Raleigh-based lifestyle writer, stylist and garden coach, Helen Yoest, has taken her years of experience in helping clients with their personal gardens and transformed this knowledge into a well thought-out, detailed book on how to bring personal style to any garden. From the basics of adding and arranging the components of a garden to tips on how to add design features, the book helps gardeners develop the confidence to express their personality in the garden.

Sipping My Garden: A chance trip to the Provence region of France was the spark for Pittsboro gardener and lover of herbs, Marcia Edwina Herman, to learn about the process of gathering, drying and making herbal teas. With beautiful illustrations and a step-by-step process, including extensive plant lists, the book inspires gardeners to explore the sweet mystery of herbs to create a lovely pot of tea.

The Unfinished Garden: This debut novel of Chapel Hill author Barbara Claypole White is set in the woodland gardens of Orange County, NC, and the forests of southern England. A love story about grief, obsessive-compulsive disorder and the healing power of gardening is told through the relationship of two emotionally damaged people, a young widow who owns a woodland nursery and the other whose greatest fear is dirt. Gardening becomes the medium through which they both heal.

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