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Garden Statues: 7 Tips for the Perfect Placement

garden statue

Your garden is a space that gives you the perfect opportunity to create a wonderful environment that is very much your own personality and is a place where you will be happy to spend many hours relaxing in.

One of the best ways to make a statement is with a beautiful and individual granite monument. Using statues in your garden helps you create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and allows you to have some creative visual stimulation.

To be able to create this vision of harmony and aesthetic beauty you need to focus your attention on placing your statues in just the right place for maximum impact.

Here are some top tips to help you work out where your statues are going to fit best in your garden layout.

Decide what you want your statue to do

A good starting point when you are designing your garden space is to decide what you want to achieve with the placement of a statue.

A garden statue is primarily designed to become a focal point in your garden. A talking point and an item of beauty that enhances its surroundings.

All of those things can be achieved if you position your statue correctly.

Decide whether you want your statue to be the star attraction in your garden and the focal point of attention. If that is the case you will want to place it in a position where it interrupts the monotony of your planting and creates a specific point of interest that immediately draws your attention.

Choosing the right location

One of the most important aspects of making the most out of your statue placement is having an understanding of why it matters to take into consideration the existing placement of the trees, plants, and shrubs that are in your garden.

You will discover that the use of bushes and hedges is a neat garden design trick to really help your statue to stand out and look right at home amongst the greenery.

The reason why bushes and hedges tend to work so well with statues is that they have naturally soft lines that help complement your statue. The most obvious location for your statue if you want it to take center stage is to place it in a prominent position. This might be in the middle of a colorful floral arrangement or at the center of a flower bed, for example.

Take the time to experiment with various locations. You will often instinctively know when you have found the right spot for your statue.

Using a statue to provide a contrast

Your statue doesn’t always have to be used as a centerpiece. It is also a good design option to use a statue as a way of complimenting the fauna and flora of your garden.

What you will discover with this approach is a statue provides a very pleasing contrast with the bold and vibrant colors of your flower beds. This has the impact of delivering a definite touch of sophistication to your overall design.

Think about using a corner

Another great location for your statue to consider would be a corner of your garden.

Corner spaces are often used by garden designers as the perfect spot for a decorative feature such as a foundation or a statue. The reason why a corner location works so well for your statue is that our eye is often naturally drawn to corner spaces. Filling that space with a delightful feature like a sculpture will mean that your statue is able to deliver a pleasing impact every time.

Think about size

It stands to reason that the size of your statue should be in proportion to the size of your garden. The same can be said when you place any stone effect planters in your garden

A large statue is bound to have a massive impact on your garden space and will definitely create an obvious focal point. However, it is equally possible to achieve a similar impact with a collection of smaller statues.

The underlying point to be mindful of when choosing your statue and deciding its location is to select a statue where the dimensions are relative to the size of your garden.

It tends to work that a smaller garden is more suited to smaller statues. Try not to be tempted to pick a statue that really is too big for the garden space you have.

What type of statue do you want?

The type of statue that appeals to you is very subjective, like art. It is a very personal choice and what appeals to you may not be so attractive to someone else.

You can’t worry about pleasing everyone. It is your garden and your personal taste should take preference when deciding what sort of statue you want.

You might like something very classical or it could be that you are tempted to go with a bold modernist approach when deciding on a statue for your garden.

If your garden already has a modern vibe with trendy paving stones and rendered walls, it would make sense to choose a modern style statue so that you avoid a clash. Having said that, there are no hard and fast rules. You will find that classical and ultra-modern statues look equally as good in a natural setting like your garden.

How to tell if you have got the right statue

It can sometimes be very difficult to see if your statue is going to work in your garden until you have put it in place. That could be troublesome if you buy the wrong one and discover it doesn’t look right.

A good way of avoiding that scenario would be to take a picture of your garden space and capture an image of your proposed statue before buying it. It is easy to use something like Photoshop to put the image of the statue into your garden to get a good idea of what it will look like.

If you take your time considering your options and working through these simple placement tips you should find that you end up with the right statue that is in the perfect location to have maximum impact in your garden.


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