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Gardening For Teens: Why Is It One of The Best Ideas?

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Getting today’s teenagers to step away from electronic gadgets to plant their own garden can be a challenge. But if you give him the opportunity, the tools, and moral support, your child may fall in love with gardening.

You don’t necessarily need a large plot: you can grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables even in containers on the balcony. And this is really very useful. Experts of a cheap essay writing service have prepared an article about the benefits of gardening for teenagers.

Taking care of plants fosters responsibility

Whether it’s flowers or vegetables, berry bushes or fruit trees, caring for plants helps teens develop responsibility. They also get a nice sense of accomplishment and grow confidence in their own abilities: when sprouts appear, all yours, it’s an amazing feeling.

House plants, basil, or peppers, each require plenty of sunlight and water. Experiment, learn the needs of plants: it’s the best practice in biology.

Even a cactus or aloe in a pot can be a great long-term project for your child. Indoor plants can live for years without needing much time or attention, they can be a perfect choice if you don’t have a summer house to plant a real garden or vegetable garden.

Gardening is good for psychological well-being

Plants (like animals) are often used therapeutically to improve mental health. Gardens reduce pressure, relax, and increase performance. Garden therapy is used in many therapeutic programs for adolescents.

A break from electronics and social media can also improve attention

Just a few minutes outdoors, surrounded by herbs and trees, can improve a child’s ability to focus and concentrate. So ask your child to weed the garden, trim the bushes, or water the plants, and they can concentrate better when they return to their studies. Working with houseplants (transplanting, watering, inspecting for pests and diseases) also helps them rest and then return to their studies with full energy.

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Fresh air

Gardening, even if limited to a small plot or container garden on the balcony, provides a dose of fresh air, sunshine, and beneficial exercise, including for those teenagers who normally avoid physical activity.

Sowing seeds, planting seedlings, and pruning all require movement, but children find themselves so absorbed in the process that they forget that they are currently doing the physical aspect of gardening.


Gardening, like any other cooperative activity, is a way to connect with children, to help siblings of different ages and different interests communicate with each other in a way that does not involve arguments.

This hobby allows each person to choose their favorite kind of plant that grows well in their environment. Some may grow tomatoes, some may grow green onions on a windowsill, some are closer to lilies, and others will prefer succulents.

Choose plants that grow well together, next to each other, learn about the most effective options for neighboring plants.

Healthy eating

Teens who grow their own food, even if it’s limited to just one tomato bush in a container on the balcony, are more likely to choose healthier foods. Being able to taste their own vegetables often encourages them to eat more fruits and vegetables in general (because there’s attention and interest in them).

Proper nutrition is especially important for academic success. According to the authors of the best essay writing service, students who eat right have higher grades.

Your own tomatoes or raspberries right off the bush can be amazing treats for kids who have made the effort to grow them.

And let it be fun

If gardening becomes a horrible imposed job, there will be no benefit. Allow yourself and your kids to have fun. Let a teenager try to grow something unusual, choose seeds together (a lot of varieties of tomatoes and peppers to grow in containers today, it’s convenient for apartments, balconies), go to gardening fairs, look at indoor plant stores. Awaken interest, and then the hobby will make a lot of sense.

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