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Geese Repellent: Reasons To Keep These Birds Out Of Your Yard


In the business world, your yard or lawn should be an extension of your brand. It’s a valuable space to build a lasting impression with clients and employees alike. However, if it becomes infested by birds like Canadian geese, what impact does that have on your business reputation?

Geese are beautiful, majestic creatures. They can be a welcome addition to your yard, but the fact is that they’re not always welcome. While a beautiful sight to behold, they can be a nuisance and can wreak havoc in your commercial yard if not properly contained. They can leave unsightly droppings and are also loud, pissing off your customers. It’s surprising, but your impressive yard, landscaped with thousands of dollars worth of flowers and plants, could be ruined by a flock of geese in no time.

If you have geese in your yard, it can be hard to enjoy the space outside and even hurt your reputation as a company. That’s why it’s essential to keep them out of your yard using an effective geese repellent! Here are a few reasons why:

Geese Cause Damage to Your Turf & Property

Geese mostly eat grass and other plants, which means they can destroy the ground cover you have worked hard to keep looking green. This makes them a pest for many lawn owners because they eat grass, flowers, and leaves from trees and shrubs, causing bald spots on your lawn. The problem is compounded when there are large flocks of geese present. A single goose isn’t likely to cause much damage on its own, but when flocks of birds feed on your lawn, it can take time and money to repair the damage they have done.

In addition, these wild birds tear up the sod with their beaks when they’re looking for grubs. These creatures also churn up dirt with their gaiters or feet when they walk. They’ll use their sharp beaks to dig holes in the ground to look for worms or other insects. Thus, leaving your yard muddy. Plus, geese have a habit of walking around. When they do this, they are trampling over your grass and damaging it in the process. The damage they cause isn’t limited to just one area. It will spread throughout your entire yard if you don’t take action quickly. The more time you wait, the worse it will get.

Geese Scare Away Your Customers

A well-maintained lawn makes a strong first impression and adds curb appeal that can attract more customers. However, the presence of geese does the opposite. Geese are territorial birds. Whether they’re in your park or corporate lawn, they will defend their territory aggressively against intruders. They will attack people who come too close to their nests or other areas where they feel threatened. Their aggressive behavior and annoying noise could potentially lead customers away from your establishment.

Geese Leave Behind Droppings That Attract Bugs and Rodents

Canadian geese are a menace. They leave behind droppings that attract bugs and rodents, which can lead to more pests destroying your property. These birds can quickly degrade yards, with each goose leaving between two to four pounds of fecal matter daily. (Imagine a flock of geese on your lawn!)

If you don’t apply geese repellent the time you spot a couple of geese in your yard, numbers can add up quickly. As the population grows and the abundance of excrement increases, your lawn becomes totally unusable. When you let geese eat and graze in your yard, you risk having your customers notice your dirty environment. Thus, creating a less positive image of your business. Also, their droppings can carry salmonella, E. coli, and more than 200 other diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Geese Can Cause Noise Pollution

In addition to their toxic droppings, geese are also known for their loud squawks and calls, causing noise pollution. Geese are known for their ability to communicate with each other by making loud noises. This is especially alarming during mating season when the geese make loud honking noises. The noise isn’t only unpleasant; it also distracts work activities in the yard. Due to ear-piercing, obnoxious sounds, some people find them annoying and may choose to go to another business instead.

Don’t Let Canada Geese Take Over Your Yard!

Your business’ image is visible as soon as your clients or employees see your property. Therefore, a clean and geese-free lawn leaves a positive impression on your company and its future. As a result, individuals will be more likely to work or do business with you.

If you’re wondering how to keep geese off your yard, an effective geese repellent can help. Geese repellent is a viable solution that will drive geese away in no time at all!

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