Green Homes: How Licensed Electricians Can Help You Save Energy and Money

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It’s not often when people consider consulting an electrician regarding your home’s gardening. Many people usually think about hiring an electrician only when there’s something wrong with wiring within the home, like blackouts or flickering lights. Electricians can do much more than that, including keeping your home and garden greener with smarter, durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly energy. Sometimes these solutions can make your garden look even better!

When your home or garden uses up too much energy, it costs a lot in utility bills, and it’s draining on resources. Hiring a licensed electrician can allow you to switch to energy-saving resources, saving the environment and your wallet. How can a certified electrician save you funds and keep your home and garden looking beautiful?

The Role of an Electrician for Home and Gardening

Electricians can install, manage, and repair electrical systems in the home and garden. Most people know electricians can do this, but they also can improve the electrical systems, as well as communications and control systems in the home. They can identify leaks in the home or on a patio to reduce HVAC usage; they can identify issues with the thermostat that may be overworking the HVAC system; they can identify how much energy your garden, appliances, and lighting use and work with you to reduce them. Licensed electricians provide a world of services most people don’t realize to create a more sustainable and beautiful outdoor space.

Updated Home Appliances and Garden Equipment

Electricians can inform you when appliances like your stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are outdated and using too much energy. They can help you install energy-efficient appliances, including Energy STAR appliances that will work more efficiently and help reduce your energy bill. This includes any equipment in your garden, including patio doors and windows. Electricians can inform you about sustainable electric gardening equipment as well.

Improved Home and Garden Lighting

Many homes use outdated, energy-hoarding lighting. Electricians can tell you which light bulbs are better for cost, duration, and efficiency. They can also install entire lighting systems that are more energy efficient. For example, lighting automation and context-aware lighting can be programmed to turn off when it senses no one is in the room, or at a specific time. This reduces energy consumption, especially for those who frequently forget to turn the lights off!

These types of lighting are particularly useful in your outdoor or garden space when lighting is only needed during specific times. You can even start gardening at night without having to worry about costly lighting.

Better Home and Garden Wiring

Electricians can update your home and garden’s wiring to consume less energy. Not only does this save on energy and energy bill costs, but it also reduces the risk of tripped breakers or blackouts when the system is overloaded. Updated lighting overall can be more efficient in many ways. Electricians can also identify the best ways to install and use any string lighting in your yard or garden space.

Solar Energy Home and Gardening

Electricians can also assist with switching to solar energy, especially for the garden. Solar energy is a more sustainable and energy-efficient source of electricity with many benefits, including tax break incentives. While it may seem costly to install upfront, it saves energy costs throughout the lifetime of its usage, greatly reducing energy bills and paying for itself in the long run.
Solar-powered lighting is smart for your garden as it has the most exposure to sunlight and a positive impact on the environment. Imagine a beautifully lit garden at night without worrying about energy bills or using up nonrenewable energy! Some lighting even has solar panels directly on them, so you don’t have to worry about additional panels. Electricians specializing in solar energy will help find the best location for solar panels in your garden without impacting any future gardening.

Updated Thermostats

Electricians can install smart or energy-efficient thermostats, including programmable thermostats that can reduce or raise the temperature in the room according to many preset conditions. This can lower HVAC usage overall, which saves a ton in energy bills. Our HVAC systems are known for being huge sources of energy and in turn, the reason why energy bills can be incredibly high at times.

Energy Auditing and Inspections for Your Home/Garden

Electricians can inspect and audit your current energy usage and electrical systems to determine any issues or energy problems. They can detect when there are weather leaks in or out of your home that may contribute to high HVAC costs. They can also determine where and how most of your energy is being used and update your systems accordingly. If your garden is costing you a lot of money in utility costs, they can identify the best ways to keep gardening without sacrificing your finances or the environment.

The Home and Garden Expertise of an Electrician

When hiring an electrician, you must ensure they’re licensed. Licensed electricians will be highly trained and certified to perform electricity-related services to your home and garden. Licensing reduces safety hazards, improves expertise, and shows that they’re qualified to work in your yard and home.

Formal licensing is important. Unlicensed electricians are typically operating illegally and can significantly damage your home and outdoor space, not to mention cause severe injury. Electricians need to be licensed in your state to perform work on your home. The requirements for these licenses vary by state, but they typically require pre-licensing courses, certain hours or years of approved training, and taking and passing an electrician license exam. Some specific state requirements are highlighted below. Familiarizing yourself with them can help you vet electricians in your area.

New Jersey

NJ electrical license requirements include a minimum of four years of experience and nearly 600 hours of approved classwork.

New York

NY requires even more experience at a seven-and-a-half-year minimum. They’ll also need 3,500 hours of supervised work under the supervision of another licensed electrician. They also require college degrees.


California needs residential electricians to have 4,500 hours of work experience, and general electricians need 8,000. They also require approved pre-licensing training courses. They also have to take an electrician exam.


Licensed electricians can help identify areas of improvement in your home and garden’s electricity systems and fix them to reduce energy costs and usage. This saves homeowners tons of money and helps lower their environmental footprint. It allows your gardening to be a positive contribution to the environment as well, overall raising the home’s value. It’s very important to hire a licensed electrician to ensure ultimate safety and expertise when working on your home.

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