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How to Celebrate a Child’s Birthday Outdoors


The sun is shining outside, there are fluffy clouds in the sky, and it’s warm and happy outside! And the birthday of the smallest and most beloved member of the family is on the calendar very soon. Enough sitting in four walls! Let’s go outside, breathe fresh air, play active games and have fun with all our hearts.

Summer is the best time to have a children’s party outdoors. Let’s take apart all the subtleties and nuances of this event, as well as the most popular ideas for celebrating a birthday party in nature.

The Advantages of a Holiday in Nature

• The presence of sunlight and fresh air;
• Large spaces dispose to mobile games;
• Saving the family budget;
• It is something new.

Availability of Sunlight and Fresh Air
Our children spend too much time at school, at home, and in their developmental activities. And we are in the four walls of the office and the car. Let’s teleport the children’s party from the cafe and entertainment center to the park, to the glade of the park, or the yard. A bonus to fun and a good mood will be a portion of oxygen and vitamin D.

Large Spaces Make for Active Games
You’d be surprised how much today’s children love to run at the speed of light, jump to the sky, and roll around on freshly mowed lawns. Give them space and no gadgets are needed!

By Choosing Outdoor Children’s Parties, You Save the Family Budget
At a minimum, you won’t have to pay rent for a cafe or kids’ room. As a maximum – broken glasses and plates.

Outdoor Parties are Something New to Our Kids’ Worldview
Children are no longer surprised by even the most dressed-up events in the cafe. But their eyes will surely light up during the songs at the fire with a guitar and a huge green meadow on which you can run barefoot.

Choosing a Location for a Kid’s Party

There are several options for children’s outdoor birthday parties:
1. A celebration in the yard.
2. The nearest square or park.
3. The forest or a river outside the city.

Backyard Party
If you have a private yard or dacha, organizing a summer birthday party won’t be too difficult. Just choose a theme and invite entertainers to your home. They will bring with them all the decor, necessary props, costumes, a candy bar, and a good mood.

The Nearest Square or Park
Have a picnic at a children’s party, an exciting quest, or a themed party! Even the most popular themes sound completely different in a natural setting of wildlife.

A Forest or a River in the Countryside
You can celebrate children’s birthdays at the country house, or you can arrange a real hike or organize a Native American reservation. The list of themes for a children’s outdoor party is endless!

What Else is Important to Consider When Organizing a Party in the Open Air?

Who a lot of running in the fresh air, he usually wakes up a wolf’s appetite – says the folk wisdom. So it’s worth preparing for the invasion of hungry kids and stocking up on provisions. Choose foods and snacks that do not require long cooking and can be stored on a sunny day. Ice cream and chocolate are better to give up if you do not have a portable refrigerator with you. But on the holiday you can take potatoes or meat and cook it all on a real fire. Beforehand, all the kids go in search of firewood and learn how to make a fire. This is a whole adventure – even the animators are not required. Don’t forget the gift baskets Toronto – they’re the perfect ending to the evening.

What kind of entertainment can be organized at the party in the open air?
• Soap bubbles in unlimited quantities. Even the oldest children won’t be able to sit still when seeing a fluffy cloud of bubbles!
• Shooting with water pistols. Where if not in nature? You can have the battle at the very end of the party and ask your guests to bring an extra set of clothes beforehand.
• Fireworks and sparklers. The kids will love this kind of finale!
• Absolutely any active games – from playing catch-up to searching for a treasure hidden by the real pirates.
• A picnic in nature without a campfire? It can’t be! The flames evenly roasting marshmallows and baking potatoes will be the highlight of this holiday.

Organizing an outdoor party is an exciting quest for parents, developing on all fronts, from managerial skills to scheduling abilities. However, it’s well worth it! Any child will love this kind of party. Don’t believe it? Then just give it a try.

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