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How To Choose The Right Decking For Your Garden


Decking is a great way to add value to your home and improve its curb appeal. Whether you want to create a patio space, outdoor kitchen, or simply enhance your backyard, choosing the right type of decking is important.

It can be a great place to entertain guests on warm nights, sit and watch the world go by, or fill it with your favorite plants. Decking is a highly versatile addition to any home, and it is important to decide what material to use.

Not only can this determine how strong and durable your deck will be, but the base material will impact the overall look of your home as a whole. This is a quick look into the different types of decking for your garden.


For a unique finish and incredibly hard-wearing decking, ipe would be the ideal choice. It is a tropical wood that is known as high-density hardwood. Because it is originally grown in the tropics, ipe is naturally resistant to termites, decay, and rot.

This is largely due to the high density which this wood has. It has a unique finish and slightly red tone, which can easily be brought out using decking paint or sealant. Because it is so dense, ipe also has a class A fire rating.

This means it will not fuel a fire in the event of a house fire accident, which provides a little extra peace of mind for those who need it. One of the main drawbacks of using ipe, however, is that it is very heavy. This is mainly because it is so dense, and it can be difficult to transport the wood when necessary.

Pressure Treated Timber

If you want a failsafe wooden decking that is affordable yet durable, pressure-treated timber has you covered. This is the most popular wood used in decking and other construction projects because it is easy to work with and relatively sturdy.

The main thing to be aware of when considering pressure-treated timber is that it requires a little extra maintenance on a regular basis. It is worth keeping this in mind in case you want to find something that you can build and be done with.


If you are looking for a modern material that complements your home’s exterior, then you could consider creating an aluminum decking. Because it has not been made using wood, aluminum decking is much less prone to rot and bug infestations. It is also fire-resistant and lasts indefinitely. Aluminum would be a great addition to any home because it does not need regular maintenance, unlike other materials.

The main thing to be aware of when you are thinking about purchasing or installing aluminum decking is that it is much more expensive than other materials. This is partly because it is incredibly hard-wearing, high quality, and still relatively new to the market.

Composite Wood

Composite decking is much easier to install and maintain than regular wood. This is because it has been made using a combination of wood and plastic, which makes it much more lightweight and waterproof than regular wood.

Wood decks require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and staining. They are also prone to rotting and warping over time. Composite decking is less susceptible to these problems because it’s made using plastic resin.

There is much less maintenance needed with this material. It’s also lighter and stronger than wood, and it won’t warp or rot. Because composite wood has a range of unique qualities that make it stand out as a decking material, there are so many highly rated composite decking brands.

It is definitely worth taking a look at the different composite decking brands to see what type of price range each company offers and whether they come ready to assemble.


There are so many qualities that these materials can provide, and your chosen decking material really depends on personal preference. Because of this, it is worth comparing the pros and cons of each and deciding which would be the best fit for the type of decking that you are planning to purchase or build.

Decking comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and it can be used to entertain guests, watch the world go by, supervise children playing in the backyard, or as a space for your family to relax. Because there is so much variation, it is worth considering what you want to use your decking for, and the role that the different types of base materials can play.

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