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How to Create a Themed Garden

Pink garden

For those fortunate enough to have them, gardens are invaluable parts of the home. They’re the perfect place for kids to play games. They’re good for you – there’s evidence that garden activities are good for mental health. Besides, where else can you host barbecues during the summer without one?

However, if you’re hoping for someone else to create the perfect garden for you, there’s bad news. Thanks to the pandemic, designers are in high demand – so you’re better off styling your own garden.

As far as appearances go, gardens that have a concurrent theme tend to look better than others. In this short guide, we’ll be looking at exactly what steps you should take to create a themed garden.

Pick a theme

With so many plants and décor pieces out there, it can be hard to narrow down your ideas. That’s the power of choosing a theme: it helps to narrow down the options and give focus to what could be just another backyard plant mish-mash.

You can have a color-themed garden that only features flowers and plants in red, yellow, or blue. Alternatively, base your garden around a treasured interest, such as a favorite sport, recipe, or location. There’s no limit to what you can come up with.

Plan the décor

Once you have settled on your theme, you can plan the inorganic features of your garden. It’s a good idea to decide on these first so that you can arrange your plants around them.

Consider what furniture will complement your theme nicely, as well as other purely ornamental pieces. No matter the theme, adding lighting can help build an atmosphere, so be sure to incorporate it somewhere.

Choose your plants

Now arrange your plants in such a manner that they pair nicely with the décor. Try to treat any garden walls as canvasses that create the perfect backdrop for your plant scheme. Find creative and practical ways to show off your best plants.

Unless you’ve gone for a multicolored theme, try to be minimalistic with the plant colors. Create a backdrop of green and then use splashes of color conservatively as highlights.

Find ways to use it

After you’ve gone through the effort of curating a themed garden, it would be a shame if you never spent any time in it. All the same, outdoor sports wouldn’t suit a tea-growing garden as much as a tea party wouldn’t suit a sport-themed garden.

So, consider which garden activities will best suit your theme. Then, seize each and every excuse to get outside and enjoy your creation.

Have you created your own themed garden? Which part did you enjoy the most? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.


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