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How to Create an Inviting Garden

With the colder months soon behind us, we’re about to start spending a lot of time in our back garden. Turning your garden into an outdoor living space that your friends and family enjoy spending time in is a great project to undertake. Having a well-designed garden is also a desirable commodity, not only for hosting and relaxing but also for adding value to your property.

Whether you decide to add patio furniture or some ambient lighting, there are some simple ways that you can spice up your outdoor space so that your family can enjoy it in the upcoming summer months.

Seating area

Having a seating space in your garden can be the hub to which the rest of your outdoor activities will revolve. It’s just as essential as seating in a living room so be sure to allocate enough space for chairs, tables or couches that can fit a decent amount of people around it.

Think about the style you want to create in your garden, instead of simply selecting pieces that follow current outdoor design trends. To curate a luxurious, modern atmosphere, choose a corner sofa with comfy cushions. You could even go for a DIY look and construct your furniture out of pallets or reclaimed wood.


The key to a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere is the lighting. Outdoor lighting can enhance your space, making it seem intimate and inviting. You don’t want your garden to be over-lit, however. Festoon lights can create a charming, evening glow and encourage your guests to linger outside long after dark.

For a rustic, whimsical feel, brass solar lanterns are ideal for hanging from tree limbs or placing them on a patio table. Suspension poles are a great installation if you want to add dimension to your garden and you can hang large bulbs in between them. When it comes to choosing bulb colours, mostly stick to warm tones.

Plants and Greenery

Lush greenery and bright plants are what make a back garden vibrant. Even if you’re not a gardening pro, transforming using greenery doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Consider what flora and shrubbery will thrive in your outdoors, depending on the space you have, the layout available and where the sun falls.

Plants aren’t just for aesthetics but also privacy. If you have low fences, you can set boundaries by planting hedges or trees. It also makes your garden more attractive to local wildlife!

Add a Centrepiece

Adding a centrepiece such as a firepit or heating pillar can extend the outdoor season and keep you comfortable in the garden even during the colder days. The ambience these accessories create is unparalleled and they’re great for socialising and bonding together.

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