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How To Enjoy A Mosquito-Free Garden


Millions of people love to get out and work in their gardens every year but not one of them loves getting eaten alive by pesky mosquitoes. Not only can an incessant buzzing ruin a beautiful day out in the sun, but it can put you at risk for infections or viruses like Zika or West Nile.

You may not be able to construct a glass dome around your yard to keep pests and insects away, but with careful garden planning and planting you can help keep your outdoor areas at minimal risk for biting mosquitoes.

In severe cases, you may have to call in pest control services, but if you follow these tips you will see a huge reduction in the number of mosquitoes in your yard and garden.

Eliminate Stagnant Water

Mosquitos love wet and damp spaces. They seem to migrate towards marshy and boggy grounds. If you have any areas in your yard or garden that hold stagnant water, you will need to clean them up and eliminate as much moisture as possible.

Mosquitos often use these wet spaces to lay their eggs which will create a new problem the next season. If you have a rain barrel for water collection there is no need to get rid of it, just cover the top with mosquito screening for protection. Clean out your gutters and make sure that your downspouts are properly directed so that they don’t end up pooling water after a rainy day.

Plant Herbs

There are a number of herbs and spices that can help keep mosquitoes away from your garden and patio. You can plant these options around your outside sitting area or in the perimeter of your garden beds to help keep mosquitoes away.

• Lemongrass
• Citronella
• Basil
• Eucalyptus
• Lavender
• Rosemary
• Thyme
• Marigolds

Mosquito Coils

If you are looking for a non-chemical mosquito repellent that doesn’t have any harmful DEET in it, you can try mosquito coils. They are made from crushed and pressed chrysanthemum flowers and are very effective.

Essential Oil Repellants

DEET products have proven to be highly effective against mosquitoes but they are made up of heavy harmful chemicals. If you are looking for a more natural repellant to battle your garden pests you can try using an infusion of essential oils.

Combine a natural oil-based product like baby oil or extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of lemon extract and/or lavender oil for a pleasant smelling and long-lasting repellant. You will have to reapply every few hours for the best results. Eucalyptus and rosemary blends can also work very well.

Mosquito Misting Service

Mosquito misting service is a process of spraying a fine mist of mosquitoicide into the air using a pump and hose mosquito misting service can also be used to get rid oftick, fleas, and other unwanted pests in your garden mosquito misting services typically last for around 30 minutes, during which time the mosquitoicide will disperse evenly throughout the area. Mosquito misting services are usually done on a weekly basis, but this may vary depending on the size of your garden and the severity of the mosquito infestation.


We all want to spend as much time outside as we can when the nice weather hits, but fighting mosquitoes constantly can really be a hassle. Try a few of these mosquito-busting tips to help keep these buzzing pests at bay so that you can enjoy more time working in your garden and enjoying your outdoor spaces.

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