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How To Have Artificial Turf In Your Yard

artificial turf

There are a lot of benefits to having a yard with artificial turf. For instance, some people may have conditions that make it difficult to grow a good lawn, and the only way to have it green is to go with a turf company. Or, the landscaping is too much work or too costly to hire somebody to do it if you are not capable yourself.

The list of reasons to go with this turf is as varied as the people looking to install it. Yet, there is some work that needs to be done to make sure you get a long life out of it and it doesn’t disappoint. There is maintenance to perform throughout the lifespan of the turf. When you don’t take care of it, it can end up being an expensive eyesore.

In this article, we will go over what you need to do to get the most out of your artificial turf.

Keep It Cool

The biggest factor in how long an artificial lawn is going to last is the sun. Many people in very arid and hot areas opt for artificial grass because of how difficult it is to have a lush, green lawn. The problem is that the intense sun can have a negative effect on the artificial grass and cause it to deteriorate.

The key is to try to keep the grass from being overexposed to the sun. Create some shady areas that will keep it out of the direct sun for at least a portion of the day. Having trees is the best way to do this as they also create a cool environment in addition to providing shade. This will keep the grass lasting much longer.

Clean and Brush It

There are some tasks that should be done on a regular basis to clean the grass. Some should be done weekly while others you can get away with doing on a monthly basis.

On a weekly basis, the grass should be swept to clear any debris that might have been blown onto it. Small sticks and any other sharp debris can damage the blades of the turf and make it look and feel rough. Using a rake with plastic tines is the best tool for this as metal ones will do more damage to the turf than the actual debris you are clearing will.

Monthly, you should be rinsing the grass off with a hose with a high power setting. This will clean it up and remove any pollen that has accumulated on it. This will keep it looking fresh.

On a regular basis, in other words, when it looks like it needs it, you should rake the high traffic areas against the grain. This will fluff the grass blades back up and keep it looking fresh and prevent it from getting matted down.

Remove Pet Waste

This is a bit tricky as there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Removing pet waste advice ranges from letting it dry out on its own and then removing it to removing it right away so it doesn’t stain.

There is drainage when it comes to artificial turf so the moisture can drain away from pet waste just as it would on regular grass. Some types may stain it by leaving it though. The general rule of thumb is that if it is in a high traffic area, or smells bad to be around, then by all means remove it right away and wash the area down with a hose.

If it were to be left alone it shouldn’t damage the turf. Urine can stain the grass so it can be washed away if it is noticed.

Get the Stains Before They Set

What does stain the artificial grass are things like motor oil, ink, and even cooking oil or food splatters. These types of stains should be cleaned up right away so they don’t become permanent.

Use a household detergent and some warm water with a brush to scrub it. This will lift it away where it can be rinsed in most cases. A very stubborn stain may be coaxed out by using mineral spirits.

Mild stains can be cleaned up by simply blotting the area with a rag or towel and rinsing away in many cases. Some may need to be cleaned with soap, but many don’t. Things like coffee, soda, or other everyday items don’t need to be worried about much.


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