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How to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

House kerb appeal

With the restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic having been lifted in England, many people have decided it’s time to move.

And it’s led to a boom in the property market. House prices have increased by 12.1% over the past year, so it could be financially prudent to consider upping sticks.

That growth is expected to start slowing, though. So, if you’re going to put your home on the market or are already looking for a buyer, it’s worth trying to maximise the kerb appeal of your property.

Many people will drive past a house to get a feel for the location before booking a viewing, so here are a few tips that could help you get a potential buyer through the door.

Revamp the garden

There’s no doubt that everyone appreciates outside space far more than they did before the pandemic.

Gardens are important selling points for any property. Making sure they look their best will make it easier for people to envision themselves living in the house.

Plenty of colourful flowers and clearly maintained grass will make your home easy on the eye. It could even be worth hiring professional landscapers if you feel the scale of the job is beyond you.

If you’re going to invest some money into your garden and running out of expenses, it could be worth opting for a line of credit rather than a bad credit loan. Just be sure you can afford any repayments.

Freshen up the paint job

Few things lift the look of a property like a new coat of paint. If you’re hoping to sell your property, avoid selecting a vibrant colour that could split opinion. Choose something neutral instead, as this will stop you from immediately putting people off or giving them misguided preconceptions.

It’s not just the exterior of your house that will benefit from a refresh either. Doors, window frames and fences can all be elevated with a quick re-stain. The fresher colours will make your property more appealing.

If the exterior of your house is a dreary pebbledash, you could get it rendered so it stands out that bit more.

Carry out repairs

Loose guttering, cracked roof tiles and damaged pipes can give the impression of a home that has not been taken care of. Fixing minor issues like these make it clear that time and effort have been spent on maintaining the property.

When outbuildings like a garage are visible from the road, it’s important not to neglect them either.

There are plenty of online services that make it easy to find a reliable tradesperson to do the work for you if you don’t have the skills, time or ability to carry it out yourself.

Tidy up

There are plenty of little things you can do to improve the appearance of your home too. These include:

  • Putting away any children’s toys
  • Placing wheelie bins out of sight
  • Keeping your driveway and/or footpath clear of debris
  • Doing your weeding
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