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How to Keep Your Flowers from Giving a Bad Smell

Flowers in a vase stay healthy

Like all good things, the fresh scent of flowers also fades away with time. While the best solution is to get rid of them entirely, sometimes, this option is out of the door. Sometimes, even the fresh flowers have a terrible odor that is harder to get rid of. So, what can you possibly try to keep the flowers from giving a bad smell?

Firstly, understand the fact that all living things die and decay. Flowers and branches are no exception to this. One day the flowers are all fresh and smelling good, and the next day, the story will change, and you’ll have a bunch of dead flowers and a foul odor in the room.

Right when you think that the problem can’t get any worse, the smell gets trapped in the vase because of its shape or material, which is difficult to clean. Even the flower keepers often face this problem. But you won’t have to face this problem as we are here with tips that will make the flowers last longer and prevent them from having an awful smell.

Tips for Flower Care To Keep Them From Smelling

Tip 1: Replenish the Water

You must have seen that flowers often drink plenty of water. And in case there are many flowers, they can suck up every drop of water in the vase within a day or two. Prevent the flowers from wilting and drying out by keeping the vase full of water. Even the best of flowers tend to catch bacteria. The bacteria build up on stems that sit in water that gives a foul smell over time sitting idle.

Hence, you need to change the water even if the water is still filled up to the brim. Freshwater is the key to keeping the flowers fresh as well as preventing them from smelling. Water has all the nutrients that flowers need to stay alive for a longer time.

Tip 2: Trim the Stems

Each time when you take the flowers out to change the water, remember to trim the stems as well. Even when the stems are dipped in water, they die gradually. The dead cells prevent them from absorbing the nutrients from the water, causing the flower to die. That’s why trimming is always suggested to expose the fresh tissue to the water and improve water absorption.

Tip 3: Keep Flowers Away from Heat & Brightness

You might think that flowers bloom in sunlight and it’s also a source of heat, then what’s wrong about keeping them under the light? Well, the former statement is true because they are directly taking water and essential minerals that are required for growth from the roots. But after the flowers are cut down, they don’t have the same access.

Flowers in a potted plant are very different from cut flowers. They may be at the peak of perfection but also have vulnerability to heat and light. Excess heat and sunlight will cause them to mature earlier than usual and only speed up the dying process. Therefore, the ideal condition to keep the flowers in is a cool and dark place.

Tip 4: Avoid Placing Flowers Next to Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes, people think that keeping plants with vegetables is a good idea. But the same is not right for flowers. Ripening fruits and vegetables releases an odorless and invisible gas like ethylene. Even though ethylene is harmless to humans, it can be fatal for the lovely flowers.

The biology behind this is pretty simple as the flowers are ancestors of the fruits. A fruit is developed when flowers are pollinated. Ethylene is the hormone in plants that cause the flower to drop petals and become a fruit. When you place fresh flowers next to ripening fruits, the flowers are exposed to ethylene that forces them to change into a fruit as mother nature intended them to do. So, avoid placing the flowers near fruits and vegetables, or you’ll risk the flowers dying prematurely, and they’ll have an awful smell.

Tip 5: Wash Vase or Container Thoroughly

Dirty vases are the most common reason for bad smell as bacteria builds up in them. Until you wash them, the bacteria will stay inside them and will get mixed in the water as you fill it up again. So, when you are removing the flowers to change the water, wash the vase or container as well.

You can use soapy water or, better yet, dishwasher to clean the container and create a bacteria-free environment for the flowers. It will make them last longer, and the smell will also disappear.

Tip 6: Use Flower Food

Not familiar with what flower food is? Well, you can find a flower food packet with the packaged flowers, or you can buy one at any flower shop. These food packets consist of bactericide that is useful to keep the water fresh for a full day and even longer.

You can also make a food packet at home by adding one teaspoon of sugar, two teaspoons of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of bleach in the vase and filling it up with warm water. This solution works to prevent the flowers or the vase from smelling bad until you change the water.

However, it’s worth noting that some flowers like zinnias, gladiolas, and sunflowers don’t like these food packets. So, before you put the flower food inside a vase, ask a specialist.

Tip 7: Perk Up Dying Flowers

Flowers like roses, tulip, lilies, and more die quicker than others. You can take them out of the vase, wrap them in a newspaper, and leave them in a bucket full of water overnight. This will replenish them and extend their lifespan.

To Wrap Up

Keeping the flowers healthy is the best way to keep them from giving a bad smell. So, remember to renew the water, cut the stems, wash the vase, and put them in a dark place to keep the life within. You can also ask Flower Company for some tips to keep flowers fresh.

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