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How to Properly Carry Out a Large-scale Garden Remodeling Project 

Garden design / Mathis Jrdl-Unsplash

Over the last six months, millions of Americans have picked up gardening as a way to occupy the free time they have as a result of the lockdown and to help ease concerns over food security. But, gardening is not just about having a few succulents here and a houseplant there. A garden must have a proper design not only for it to look good but also to provide favorable conditions for your plants to thrive. If what you’re working with does not look or feel like your dream garden, now is the time to consider doing a remodeling project. When done right, a garden remodeling project will enable you to design a practical layout that will allow you to use your garden how you want.

Start from scratch 

If you take a close look at the current state of your garden, chances are that you’ll see various problems ranging from ugly views and poor drainage to lack of privacy and nondescript plantings. The best way to deal with such problems is by doing away with everything and starting over. This is where land clearing services in Virginia comes in; clearing your garden smooths the way for your remodeling project by getting rid of trees, brush, and grass that could be stopping you from accomplishing your goals. It also gives you an empty canvas on which you can develop a  smart, long-term, and sustainable garden design that complements and enhances your home’s architecture and transforms into a place where you and your family will love to hang out.

Develop a master plan 

Once the land is clear, the next step is to develop a detailed master plan for the entire remodeling project. This ensures that you know what you are doing from the get-go and helps you to stay on track once the work begins. When coming up with your master plan, the first thing you can do is figure out your goals for your garden.

Do you want to use your garden for growing food, entertaining, relaxing, playing sports, adding aesthetic appeal, or all the above? How much time do you have for maintenance? Do you have kids or pets that need to use the garden? The answers to these questions will allow you to come up with a carefully planned design that suits your lifestyle.

Another thing to consider is the amount of space you have to work with. This will guide you as you choose the plants to include as well as other design choices, such as whether or not to include raised beds. Crucially, you must also come up with a budget to cover costs such as the plants, bricks, paving, drainage, and hiring professionals.

Seek the necessary permissions 

In some cases, you may be required to seek permission from your local authorities before working on your garden, especially if you live in an urban or suburban area. It’s also a good idea to get permission from your neighbors in writing, particularly where you share dividing lines. This will help you avoid trouble during the remodeling process and in the future when your garden is thriving.

Remodeling your garden is an exciting prospect. If you do it right, you’ll have an attractive space to grow plants and a beautiful environment to sit, relax, entertain, and let your kids play. On top of that, it will give a big boost to your home value.

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