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How to Wash and Remove Stains on Garden Clothes Effectively

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Gardening is naturally a messy household task, yet green thumbs love the struggle in keeping their garden lovely. Spending your time gardening under a lovely summer day may cost you grass and mud stains. Although it does not happen every time, there is a higher chance of having them.

You can let experts at the nearest laundry service handle these gardening stains. But if you want to get rid of them by yourself, here are some common ways:

Mud Stains

This is the messiest stain when gardening. Although it is wet dirt, the stains are difficult to remove. You can remove mud stains by treating them like a protein stain. Start with soaking and rubbing the stain in cold water before putting it in the laundry.

Do not use hot water as it pushes the mud into the fibers making the stain difficult to remove. If the stain is dried out, scrape the crusted stain and soak the clothes in cold water. Use color-safe bleach and high-quality liquid detergent to remove the stain safely. If the stain remains, do not put your clothes into the dryer. Instead, rewash it and repeat the steps until it is safe to put in the dryer.

Grass Stains

It is easy to get grass stains when working in your garden. You must pre-treat the stain with an enzyme-based laundry detergent or stain remover. Work on the stain by soaking your clothes in warm water and rubbing the stained area with your finger or soft bristle brush.

After removing the visible grass stains, wash your gardening clothes following its care label.

Flower Pollen Stains

Flowers are the loveliest sight when gardening, but yellow pollen from the flower is tricky. If you notice pollen on your garden clothes, do not rub it. It pushes the yellow dye deeper into the fabric.

Soak your clothes in cold water and bleach for at least 30 minutes. However, this is only applicable for clothes that are safe for bleach. If it does not work, take the garment to the nearest dry cleaning service if it isn’t.

Bird Poop Stains

Well, this could be the most unfortunate stain you can have while gardening. What are the chances of bird droppings when gardening?

You have to flush the bird poop with cold water. It is certainly not a good move to use hot water; the protein on the bird poop gets stuck to the fibers. If you cannot remove your clothes yet, it is better to dry them than rub the area; it only goes deeper into the fabric.

Once you can remove it, scoop it with a dull knife, and follow the usual care label.

Final Thoughts

Well, these grass stains are not only common for gardeners. If you are fond of playing baseball, soccer, and other field sports, dealing with grass stains might be a common situation for you. We have already talked about how annoying grass stains are. If you cannot remove them efficiently, it is best to wash them at the laundry shop. That’s what I do, drop my stained clothes at the nearest laundry drop-off near me.

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