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Ideas to Restart and Refresh Your Garden

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If you have a garden that isn’t looking too healthy, or you’ve inherited a garden that is overgrown and in need of some careful management, it can feel like a huge task to fix. However, once the work is done, it will reward you with years of enjoyment.

By breaking down the work into smaller jobs, you can get your garden under control again. Follow these simple steps to restart and refresh your garden.

Clear some space

First, remove the weeds, as well as any diseased or dead plants. Look out for invasive species taking over a large area. Some trees and shrubs may have been planted because they were once fashionable, but be aware they can sometimes do more harm than good.

Cut back any trees or plants that have taken over or are blocking light from other areas. Pruning can be beneficial to certain species and can help encourage regrowth. If you’re not sure what trees and shrubs you have, try identifying them with a reference guide or with help from a gardening expert.

Restore order with landscaping

Now you only have the greenery in your garden that you wish to keep, you can start creating some order. Assess the condition of your plants. Anything that appears to be struggling, may be in the wrong spot. Full sun or shade-loving plants need to be moved to an area that will suit their requirements.

Don’t forget the type of soil you have and the amount of drainage can also affect how your plants perform.

Landscaping your garden into zones is a great way to restore some order and inject some personality into your outside space. If you enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables, you could create raised beds for growing your own food.

If you like to be close to nature, you could create areas for wildlife. Adding native pollinating flowers for insects and installing a pond will make great additions. If you’re worried about pond installation prices keep it simple with a small water feature and a few aquatic plants.

Introduce new plants slowly

Once your garden is starting to look healthy again, you might want to add some new plants. Resist the urge to buy lots of new plants all at once. This will give you a lot of work to do. Introduce new specimens slowly over time. This will allow you to spend time making sure they are thriving where you’ve placed them and get them established nicely.

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