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Master Gardener License Plate Available

Gardeners in North Carolina now have their own Master Gardener license plate thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers who worked for over two years to get the special plate approved. It actually takes an act of the legislature to get a new license plate introduced in the state.

The process started with House Bill 289, introduced by State Senator Richard Stevens, whose wife, Jere, is a Master Gardener. The bill was passed and signed by the Governor on June 30, 2011.

The plate sports the state’s Master Gardener logo, a watering can, and the MG suffix for “Master Gardener.” The cost is $20 annually, $10 of which goes to the Endowment Fund for the North Carolina Master Gardener program, in addition to the regular NCDMV registration fee. Personalizing the plate is extra.

There is one catch. Before a new license plate can go into production, the DMV requires 300 pre-paid orders. You can help support the Master Gardener program by pre-ordering this special gardener’s plate now. You don’t have to be a Master Gardener to buy the plate.

Visit the North Carolina Master Gardeners website to download the application form.

The Master Gardener program is operated by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension System and is for people interested in learning more about all facets of home horticulture. In exchange for the training, Master Gardeners contribute time as volunteers to share information with the community through classes and volunteer work.

To learn more about the program visit

Source – Connie Schultz, Master Gardener

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