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Moving Plants to a New Address Using Your Own Car Transport

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The amount of patience and days of hard work you spend in taking care of your plants isn’t a joke. Trimming, pruning, watering them every day, and checking their overall health, all of these things are needed to make sure they thrive. With all that in mind, one would consider these beautiful living creatures an investment. And with your upcoming move to a new address, you need to ensure they’re ready for the car transport ride.

Most plant owners and caretakers spend months, even years, nurturing and taking care of their plants. Some of them even treat these living things as part of their families. The thought of moving to a new address with the help of interstate car transport while leaving your plants behind can be a hard pill to swallow. Since you have exerted efforts and gone through great lengths to arrange a car transport interstate service for your vehicle and furniture, why can’t you do the same for your precious floral plants?

A lot of companies offer budget car transport interstate service for those who are moving together with their plants and flowers. Most of them offer a cheap car transport quote that is perfect for those who are wanting to save a couple of bucks when moving. These companies have seen numerous fascinating plants in a pot over the years as they provide this service all over Australia.

If you have questions about moving with plants, read on as companies that offer car transport Australia answer them. These will help you to know the tips and tricks in making sure that these living creatures arrive at the new address in great shape.

FAQs When Moving Plants Using Car Transport in Australia

Believe us when we say that it is perfectly normal for you, as a customer, to express a couple of concerns when moving your treasured floral family. That is why we created this list of some frequently asked questions (and their answers) to help ease your mind while the truck or any type of carrier that transports them to your new home.

1. Do plants take up too much space in the carrier or the moving truck?

You will be surprised to know that potted plants can actually take up a lot more space in the moving vehicle than your furniture and other personal belongings. Since the latter can be wrapped up thoroughly to avoid damage, you can stack them up as long as it fits the truck. On the other hand, you can’t put anything on top of your potted plants, which is why it’s crucial to give them an ample amount of space.

With this in mind, it’s important to be prepared for this in advance. You have to take note that potted plants can take up too much space at the end of the load. So what preparations can you do?

If you have more than five to eight potted plants, as a customer, you should expect that the space needed in the moving truck can start to have a little impact on its ability to fit all of your items with ease. In order to lessen the cost of moving together with your precious flora, most companies that offer moving services often advise putting smaller pots inside a moving box and putting tape on the top of the box to keep it closed.

2. What if we have a lot of potted plants to bring when we move? Will it cause a problem in hiring a company that offers moving services?

As a customer, it is your right to express your worry about your potted plants to the removalist that you hired. However, it is also your responsibility to let them know in advance if you have a lot of them during the move. Let’s say you have over seventy of them. The best way to make this easier for the both of you is to prepare them in boxes before the removalists arrive at your place. You can also request an earlier call time so you can rest assured that you’ll have enough time to transport all the pots.

If you let them know about this in advance, the moving company can prepare two trucks for the job. One truck can be filled with all your household items while the other one can load all your potted plants.

As long as you inform your removalists of anything that may cause delay, you can rest easy as they will come up with a plan to cater to all your needs during the moving date.

3. We have plants in cracked pots that hold a sentimental value for us. Can we still move them despite the cracks?

If you notice some cracks on your pots, it’s important to keep in mind that these cracks can worsen during handling and transportation. For pots with large cracks, you should re-pot the plant into plastic pots to make transportation easier.

After that, your removalists can wrap up the concrete or ceramic pots to move them safely to the new house. When you arrive you can just transfer them back to their original pot if you want.

Although it is common knowledge that plants should not be transferred a lot of times, we believe this is still the best option especially if the concrete or ceramic pot holds a sentimental value for you.

4. Is it okay to water my plants during the moving day?

Most removalists understand that you’re worried about transporting your plants without watering them, especially when you move in summer where the heat is scorching. That’s on top of the stress that comes with moving. With that in mind, you might be tempted to water your plants heavily on the date of the actual move. Nevertheless, trust us when we say that you don’t want to transport heavy pot plants due to water.

What most experts suggest is to water them thoroughly five to six days before the move to allow the soil and roots to absorb water. If they become too dry before moving, spray a little water but never soak the plant completely.


As a plant mom/dad, you wouldn’t want to leave your beautiful plants as you relocate to a new address. That is why it is great news that more and more moving companies are now willing to help you transport them. Contact the nearest ones in your area as soon as you decide on a moving date and let them know about your plants for them to come up with a plan to accommodate your request. In case you’re moving internationally don’t forget to check out Wisemove for best carriers and prices!

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