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Organization of Space at Remote Work: How Do Plants Help to Concentrate?


One can enumerate a large number of ways of organizing working space in order to boost employees’ concentration. One of them is to install home office plants.

Although some workers may underestimate setting live plants for the workplace, this decision can bring only benefits. Let’s sort out how plants impact people’s productivity and well-being in detail.

Reasons to Have Real Plants in Home Offices

The global pandemic made changes in the lives of people from all over the globe. One of the tangible changes is the need to work from home like a freelancer. Although this novelty possesses advantages at some point, managers should still follow employees’ performance.

However, nowadays it should be done at a distance. Thus, how can a hirer be sure a worker is focused on the job? There are many effective methods for how the workspace can be improved so the employee is dedicated to working entirely.

One of them is to have home office plants. This decision will cost you a little sum of money but the result is worth it.

Plants as a Way to Focus

There are many things that can distract you while you are working. From annoying sounds to household duties, it becomes harder to stay concentrated on your job duties. Also, a temptation can arise to use a website unblocker and watch a new movie.

With the help of VeePN, you possess the possibility to enjoy the desired online content. You can unblock any streaming platform that is a Netflix alternative and watch favorite shows, TV series, and cartoons without restrictions. The only condition is to use a Chrome VPN after a working day.

This is where installing plants for the workplace will be a good way to stay focused on work. According to various studies, when an employee sets a plant within a working space, he/she starts to become more concentrated.

Even if fifteen percent of our air is working badly and does not enter the body, this can influence the overall performance of companies. Luckily, live plants can fix this issue. How do plants assist to stay focused? The reason is that plants absorb carbon dioxide. This gas, in its turn, causes a feeling of fatigue.

Also, live plants produce oxygen that will be released into the air. With the assistance of oxygen, employees will stay energized and concentrated during the entire working day. What’s more, is that with the presence of plants, space is becoming more natural. This, in its turn, can assist workers to relax.

Plants as a Way to Reduce Stress

If you can not concentrate on your work, then try to purchase several live plants. Within time, you will see how energized and focused you become. Aside from assisting employees to keep their concentration, plants likewise are good at reducing stress.

Feeling stressed likewise influences employees’ focus. Is the deadline for your project near? Are you afraid somebody hacked your working laptop? While a Chrome VPN can protect you from cybercriminals, live plants can assist in decreasing stress in general.

Giving off natural light and possessing beauty, even a single plant can make you happy and avoid stress. There is no need to buy a lot of plants in your home office. Select those which you liked the most and install them on your desktop.

As we have already mentioned, plants release oxygen. This, in its turn, is useful especially if you work on a laptop the entire day. With the assistance of released oxygen, your mood and mental clarity will be improved for sure.

With Plants, You Are Not Alone

Do you miss those days when you worked in a huge office full of interesting people? Unfortunately, remote work implies operating alone. Even if you sometimes carry out online meetings, you may still feel lonely.

This, in turn, can lead to stress, depression, and, as a result, loss of concentration. To avoid it, install several plants near you. Live plants can not only improve the quality of air but also create a more pleasant atmosphere. Your workspace will look more welcoming.

As we know, plants are life. Thus, by adding this life to your working space, you will start to feel like you are not alone anymore. According to different research, those employees who have at least one plant, feel less isolated and lonely.


Live plants bring many endless advantages, especially in your home office where you spend the majority of your time. When fifteen percent of us air have working better with the help of plants, the general productivity at your organization will be improved.

There is no need to be an IT expert to access the needed online content via website unblocker. Likewise, you should not be a specialist in plants in order to take care of them. Purchasing even ordinary plants and installing them on your desktop will have a positive result. Throughout the entire hard-working day, you will feel focused on important duties, less stressed, and less lonely.

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