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Pledge to Conserve Water

The 40 Gallon Challenge is a nationwide voluntary campaign to increase water conservation by asking residents and businesses to reduce water use by 40 gallons per person, per day.

Through the program, people are encouraged to save 40 gallons a day by adopting new water-saving techniques. Through the online pledge card, you can pledge your family’s water-saving practices from a suggested list and see the total daily savings expected. Maps and charts track pledge activities across the United States.

Why conserve water?
Drought conditions, population growth and increasing water demands has put added stress on the water supply. By conserving water, these water demands and the demand for energy-intensive systems that obtain, treat, and distribute water are decreased.

Why pledge to save 40 gallons?
Reducing water usage at home saves this precious resource and it helps homeowners save money. Saving a minimum of 40 gallons a day for 30 days adds up to more than 1,000 gallons per month. You should see real savings on your water bill if you follow through with your pledge.

What if I already use water-saving practices?
If you already use some of these practices, do not choose them in your pledge. Pick new practices to save water, and to decrease your water bill. For instance, turning off the water when you brush your teeth saves up to 8 gallons a day.

What can I learn from the maps and charts?
The 40 Gallon Challenge maps show participation of each state and county in the challenge and highlights them based on how many gallons their citizens have pledged. The charts show the most popular practices being pledged, the practices saving the most water daily, and the counties pledging the most savings. Get the kids involved and have them follow the maps and charts, too!

Where can I get information about conserving water?
The NC Cooperative Extension office or your water supplier can provide more information about water conservation. For details on the challenge and to sign up for this voluntary program, visit

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