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Preparing Your Garden For A Big Outdoor Celebration


Entertaining friends is a great way to improve your happiness and overall well-being, according to researchers. Studies have also found that being outdoors is a mood-lifter. So, it makes sense to combine the two and hold your next celebration or special event in your back garden with your friends.

If you’re planning to have a birthday garden party, you need different decor ideas compared to when you’re planning a wedding garden party. For the latter, you’ll be preoccupied with other things like getting your attire and wedding bands ready for the occasion. Therefore, you’ll need all the help you can get.

To ensure that it’s a success, you need to spend time getting your garden ready. Here are the things that you must do.

Bring your garden to life with color

Blooming flowers will instantly make your garden feel warm and inviting. Researchers from the State University of New Jersey have found that being around flowers makes people feel happy. Socially, they’re also more likely to be positive and work on their relationships. Filling your garden with yellow flowers is recommended as they’re linked with joy and friendship. Axillary goldenrods grow well in North Carolina, but you could use any yellow flowers that you like. Combine them with pink flowers if you’re celebrating an engagement as pink represents love. Green flowers work well when you’re celebrating the arrival of a new baby as green symbolizes rebirth.

Set the mood with lighting

The average celebration lasts 4 hours. But when you’re holding the event in your garden, you have the option of marking the occasion late into the night. As the sun starts to set, you’ll need good lighting to keep the party in full swing. Put up lots of delicate lighting around your garden rather than harsh floodlights as they’re more calming and help to set the scene. String lighting in trees will show off your agriculture and create a great centerpiece. A light curtain is romantic and ideal for an engagement party as you can pose in front of it for photos. It’ll also show off the bride-to-be’s jewelry. A solitaire, halo, or a gemstone engagement ring will dazzle against this type of lighting as the stone or diamond will glisten and the band will shine. Don’t forget to line any pathways with solar-powered in-ground lights, to ensure your loved ones can move around your garden safely.

Make it cozy & comfortable

You’re sure to want your celebration to be a private affair, so think about landscaping your garden for optimum privacy. Good quality fencing is an obvious choice. But if you haven’t got the time or money before your big event to fence off your garden, consider lattice fencing panels instead. They’re easy to install and don’t have to be put up around your entire ground. For example, you could section off a cozy seating area so you and your friends can socialize and relax without worrying about your neighbors watching on. Finish your lattice fencing off with some beautiful plants, such as climbing roses, wisteria, or jasmine.

Garden celebrations are some of the best. Not only do you have more space to mingle but there’s automatically a better atmosphere too. So, if you’ve got an upcoming event to celebrate, follow these tips to prepare your garden for it.

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