Protecting Your Fruit Trees From Wildlife: Simple Tips For Gardeners


With the rising cost of living, more and more people are turning to their own gardens to grow fruits and vegetables. It is a smart move for several reasons. Not only does it save money, it also ensures that you have fresh food straight from the source. You know how it has been grown, where it has been grown and that it is not covered in pesticides.

However, if you are growing fruit trees or vegetable gardens, you may encounter a common problem. Wildlife will try to sneak in and enjoy the fruits of your labour before you get the chance. There are simple strategies you can use to keep these creatures at bay and protect your fruits and vegetables.

Pest Proof Your Garden

Your first objective is to pest proof your garden. If you lay the foundations to stop pests to begin with, you will already be helping your garden in the long run. For example, rats and mice are common garden invaders.

These creatures are extremely destructive as they hunt for food. Leaving your vegetable gardens and fruit trees in tatters. They can be hard to deter, and therefore, you may need the help of professionals. Experts such as Invicta Environmental in Newcastle will be able to sort out any vermin issues and lay down preventative measures for the future.

Provide Alternative Food Sources

One effective way to deter wildlife from your fruit trees is by offering them alternative food sources. You may still want to entice certain animals into the garden, such as birds. These lovely winged creatures can brighten up a garden with their singing and chirping. However, they love to nibble at fruits and seeds in a garden.

To help combat their appetite, you can set up secure bird feeders. By providing them with an alternative snack in a designated area, you can steer them away from your precious fruits and vegetables. You can get various different bird feeders to suit the style of your garden. For example, you may prefer a sleek hanging feeder or perhaps a more rustic wooden platform.

Install Fruit Nets

Another way to prevent pests from eating your fruit trees is by using fruit nets. These nets are especially useful for smaller trees and bushes that are more susceptible to attacks. Fruit nets come in various sizes and shapes to suit different types of trees and bushes. You can find fruit nets for apple trees to blackberry bushes.

Installing them is really easy too. Simply drape the net over the tree or bush and secure it in place. Some nets come with built-in drawstrings or clips for easy fastening. By covering your trees with fruit nets, you create a physical barrier that prevents animals from reaching the fruit. This is a simple yet very effective method to save your fruit trees.


Protecting your fruit trees and vegetable gardens from wildlife is essential. Without the correct methods for pest control prevention in place, your crop yield will be significantly lowered. The cost of living crisis has prompted many to embrace gardening. Especially when it comes to growing food. It is a great way to save money and enjoy fresh produce. Ensure you keep those animals such as birds, insects, and rodents at bay. By pest proofing your garden, providing alternative food sources and using fruit nets, you can defend your crops.

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