House Plants

The Ideal Indoor Garden for City Dwellers

Garden plant

For those living in high rises, the chance of having a lush outside garden is pretty slim. For city dwellers, going down to the park or visiting friends in the suburbs may seem like the only way to wriggle their toes in soft grass or smell the roses. The indoors might not seem like the obvious choice to get that urban jungle growing as lighting is one of the key considerations, but this obstacle is something city dwellers can overcome with the right approach. With lighting, irrigation, space, and even watering solutions all figured out, check out how to bring the outdoors in.

Combine Green Fingers and Kitchen Finesse

One of the smartest ways to introduce some greenery to an indoor space is with a miniature herb garden. Technological advancements also make it possible to grow other greens indoors by providing the ideal housing for plants that include miniature irrigation trays and grow lights. Those who happen to have a balcony may also stock up on some vertical planters to make the most out of a  small space. Nothing perks up a homemade dish quite like freshly picked salad greens and herbs.

Small Focal Points With Maximum Effect

Sprawling lawns and acres of land just invite a massive fountain as a focal point. Those who have to settle for five-floor walk-ups and bachelor pads don’t have to give up the option of having a water feature. Upright fountains and wall fountains are a stunning feature in any space and don’t require massive square footage for installation. The benefits of having an indoor water feature are psychological as well. Studies reveal that the sound of running water has a calming effect which is perfect for reducing those stress levels.

Keep It Low Maintenance

Some of the most effective indoor gardens take the least effort to maintain. Succulents and other hardy plants are the ideal choices for terrariums. This also happens to be the ideal hobby for those hoping to cultivate green fingers, as the assembly and maintenance of a terrarium is a soothing pastime. Terrariums are considered the bonsais of our generation and also happen to make great gifts. And, believe it or not, it’s been scientifically proven that house plants can boost health. A little burst of water is all it takes to keep the terrarium running. Some sophisticated systems create their own atmosphere, which requires very little intervention from humans.

Whether you’re willing to sacrifice your entire lounge to create a retro seventies garden with lush tropical plants and a green light or just want to add a few touches of green, there are a number of plants that adapt well indoors.


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