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The Lost Ladybug Project

seven spotted lady beetle

We’ve all heard about the decline of the bee population, but have you heard the news about ladybugs? Over the past 20 years native ladybugs that were once very common have become extremely rare. During this same time, ladybugs from other parts of the world have greatly increased both their numbers and range.

This is happening very quickly and researchers don’t know how, why or what impact it will have on ladybug diversity and numbers.

The Lost Ladybug Project is working to answer these questions, and they have created a project involving citizen scientists like you. The small team studying this problem needs your help. And all you have to do is take photos and send them in via their website. They would also like to hear if you look for ladybugs and can’t find any. The more information they receive, the better they are able to understand what ladybugs are where and perhaps even why.

Visit the website to learn how to find, collect, and photograph ladybugs, and then upload your pictures. The page also contains educational resources about ladybugs.

Featured photo – Seven spotted lady beetle / Jeana Meyers

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