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The Most Beautiful University Gardens


Who doesn’t love nature? Nature has a knack for creating a calm and peaceful environment where people can exist in peace. Universities around the world have identified the need to have a green campus for multiple reasons. A green campus improves the environmental health, weather and climate, and air quality of a campus. In addition to that, it also helps in fostering a stress-free environment for students and staff who are spending a lot of time on campus. Gardens help a campus look beautiful and grab the attention of prospective funders and students.

University gardens are a popular networking spot for students and professors. They help preserve the local flora of an ecosystem and keep the gene pool alive. These are only a few benefits of having a well-maintained university garden. In this article, we find out about some of the most beautiful university gardens in America.


Florida State University

Importance Of Having A Beautiful Garden On Campus

The life of a student is very hard and demanding. One has to worry about their academic commitments, classes, tests, exams, etc. Stressed students often feel swamped with assignments and Google “who can write research papers for me?” in order to relieve some academic tension. Of course, nowadays, they can get quality writing services with ease, but that wouldn’t make this constant state of tension go away.

Something that can help students relax is having a green campus that is surrounded by natural beauty. Nature is a proven cure for stress, and many studies have shown that students on university campuses with more greenery have reported a better overall academic experience.

If a student could sit under a nice tree in a cool shade and enjoy the fragrance of beautiful flowers, all without leaving the campus, many learners would find a lot more enjoyment in their education, and may even feel inspired to write their essays instead of having to pay for research paper and hire an expert writer. Soothing green surroundings can be extremely beneficial, even invigorating, for many students.

This is why today we will look into the universities with beautiful gardens.

List Of Most Beautiful University Gardens And Arboretums

An Arboretum is a botanical garden that is devoted exclusively to trees. Some of the most beautiful gardens and arboretums in universities across the USA are listed below:

1. Duke’s Sarah P Duke Gardens – Located on the East Coast in Durham, NC, Duke’s Gardens is what sets Duke as one of the highly ranked universities in America. This garden is famous for its flowering plants and winter horticulture, which are the university’s pride.

2. Red Butte Gardens – The Red Butte Gardens is part of the University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City. This garden gets its name from the different shades of red and brown it displays in autumn. Many cultural events and student experiences are held here throughout the year.

3. Botanical Gardens, University of South Florida – This beautiful garden spanning over 9 acres exists as a combination of naturally grown and planted plants. Located in Tampa, Florida, it is a large greenbelt in the state and hosts more than 3000 species of indigenous flora and fauna. This garden is adorned with clusters of fast growing trees for privacy so that students can sit in the garden and study or work in peace, without any disturbance.

4. Other beautiful University gardens include F.R Newman Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania, Coker Arboretum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and more.


College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

A Few Final Words

Most big universities in the United States of America come with one or more university gardens that they maintain on and around campus. Even smaller universities and community colleges try to plan their building infrastructure to incorporate some empty space where students can sit in the shade of trees and simply go for a stroll. Having a garden that is maintained well is crucial to the well-being of any environment, even more so in universities, where the stress levels are usually on the higher side. That being said, students have multiple outlets to manage their stress these days and overall create a positive university experience for themselves.

Featured image – University of Louisville, Kentucky

About the Author – Eric Wyatt is a landscaping artist who specializes in the landscaping of schools, colleges, and universities. He strongly believes in creating sustainable ecosystems around the world. Even when he is landscaping and designing a certain area, he takes care of cultivating maximum indigenous flora and fauna in the space. Eric Wyatt is also famous for coming up with beautiful landscape designs at economical and budget-friendly rates. In his free time, he likes to write articles about sustainability, the environment, and more to spread awareness about these topics among people.

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