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The Most Beautiful Winter Gardens in the World

Palm house garden

The world of greenhouse gardens is amazing and beautiful. A special atmosphere reigns here, which gives a good mood and warmth all year round. They are intended not only for growing rare plants, but are also considered a place of rest. Having visited at least once a greenhouse, a lover of indoor plants will want to create the same magical corner at home.

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Below are 5 of the most beautiful winter gardens in the world.

Eden. England

Eden Project gardensEden or Eden Project is located in the UK. It consists of 2 greenhouses, each greenhouse – from several domes, and the domes are made of plastic pentahedrons and hexagons. Inside one greenhouse, the conditions necessary for the Mediterranean flora are maintained, and in the second – for the tropical.

Scientifically, this is called a biome – a set of ecosystems of one natural-climatic zone. The third biome is located on the street, characteristic of the temperate zone.

Palm House. Vienna, Austria

Convex, graceful iron arches became the basis of the frame. Thanks to their creativity and lightness, the greenhouses easily fit into the surrounding park.

The height of the central pavilion is 28 meters, and the two side pavilions are 25 meters high. Area 2500 sq. meters.

Under the roof of this building collected 4.5 thousand plants from all over the world.

Winter Garden in Helsinki, Finland

In the center of Helsinki, Finland, there is a favorite place for tourists and residents of the city – a winter garden. Initially, it was private property, but due to a lack of funding, the greenhouse had to be transferred to the state, with the condition of free access for everyone. In the construction of the winter garden, a German-forged frame was used, and the glass was made to order in Belgium.

The exotic greenhouse houses more than 200 species of various plants. A few years ago, the building completed a complete renovation.

Garden of the Botanical Institute. St. Petersburg, Russia

The Botanical Garden includes three greenhouses and an open-ground area with a total area of ​​about 2.4 hectares. In the center is the building with the palm greenhouse, built in the 1970s. In the northwestern part, there is a two-story building of the seed laboratory with a greenhouse. In the southeastern part, there is an arboretum park with a historical pond and old-growth trees.

Botanical Garden Copenhagen. Denmark

Denmark gardensThe botanical garden has the largest greenhouse collection in the world. There are 27 of them. The basis is a 10-hectare conservatory located around a palm house. Founded in 1600 and transferred in 1870, this garden with historic greenhouses contains a total of over 13,000 species, including several very old trees and a number of exotic plants.

It is quite difficult to get to it without your own car, but you should not deny yourself such a pleasure because you can always rent a van in Copenhagen and go anywhere.

Along with winter gardens and reserves, tourists like to visit temples. After all, each nation spared neither effort nor money to create them, and thanks to this, there are some simple masterpiece creations, when looking at which you involuntarily believe in any higher power.


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